Monday, 5 May 2014

New Children's Hospital 2017 campaign at Villa Cooper

Look, we are in the local newspaper!

The first of May was the official beginning of our craft club's bird themed sales campaign to raise money for the New Children's Hospital 2017 project.

Here are the first products, and there will be more.

Felted owl brooches, decoupage eggs and my bird appliqué mug rugs.

Beautiful aquarelles of our winter birds.

Felted rooster potholders and owl softies.

Knitted hats, a tea cosy, a ceramic bird on the wall, little bag with bird fabric, and felted owls on the shelf. On the bottom shelf the eggs and brooches again, and on the left there are some pretty pillowcases with hand printed birds.
I hope the publicity we had in the newspaper will bring new buyers. Mother's Day is on the coming Sunday, and the school year ends at the end of May so little gifts are in great demand. And if the bird gifts are not quite what they are looking for, the house is full of our normal crafty things from rag rugs to linen table runners, from candles to wreaths, from hand knitted wool socks to beaded earrings and necklaces. And of course the big quilt with stitcheries and wool appliqué! That one is for the fundraising, and with the Easter chicks and eggs it goes well under the bird theme too.


Stephanie said...

Our Mother's Day is this Sunday as well. Such a wonderful offering of handmade goodness. I hope the publicity brings people out to shop and in turn help support the new hospital project.

Dolores said...

Wow, a two-page write up. How wonderful and I do hope lots of people find their way over and pick up an item or two.

eva said...

Vad roligt att ni har fått så fin publicitet! Ni har ju så toppenfina saker till försäljning så nu håller vi tummarna för att det blir bra sålt framöver för en god sak!

Terri said...

A noble cause, Ulla. Homemade goodies and money for the cause, a win-win.

Tammy said...

Looks like a lot of very talented ladies put together some great things and I hope you sell out. What a wonderful thing to do to benefit the hospital.


Candace said...

How I wish we could visit Villa Cooper in person, Ulla! How nice to see your quilt in the newspaper and all your other lovely contributions displayed so nicely!

Houseelf said...

I do love Villa Cooper. The industriousness of the ladies is beautiful and generous. The watercolours of the birds is so accurate I could recognise them. I am awful at mixing paint colours- it all turns into army green eventually. LOL Good luck with the fundraising. Like you I hope the publicity brings in more people to Villa Cooper and that they learn to shop there regularly for gifts.

Terry said...

I enjoyed your posts about Villa Cooper at Christmas and it is nice to visit again with lovely gifts for the fund raising. Hope all goes well.

Flickenstichlerin said...

What cute things, beautiful items, I bet you will have a lot of success with it.

Barbara said...

Hoffentlich wurden die hübschen Näharbeiten eifrig gekauft. Mir haben es deine niedlichen Vögel ganz besonders angetan. Ich könnte mir diese auch sehr gut auf einem Babyquilt vorstellen. Solche zu nähen hätte ich richtig Lust. Herzliche Grüsse