Monday, 18 August 2008

Giveaway Winner

DH acted as official number drawer to find out the winner of a Winnie the Pooh - Marimekko eco bag and some sewing goodies. I had perfectly good pieces of an old envelope with numbers on them which I had used to mark my rows in the summer stash challenge quilt and some other quilts, so I only had to pick the numbers from 1 to16 (because that's all the rows I had numbered), and for the remaining numbers 17 to 27 the B series (1B etc) which I had made for the stranger quilt's right side strips. Clever, isn't it? The number he picked from his fishing hat was 8B, which means comment number 24, cpullum. Congratulations! Please email me (kotkarankki at gmail dot com) your postal address so I can send you the goodies. If I don't hear from you by Thursday the 21st, there will be another draw on Friday.

This is just a short post, but I need to show you what was the first I saw when coming home from the little holiday:

The last box had jumped down and half of the stems were broken. It just had to show the other flowers that they are not the only ones who dare jump (when I'm not there to watch!). These flowers could have lasted until late September, but now they are going to have to go and I'll buy some autumn flowers for the veranda floor instead. I don't tolerate this kind of behavior!


  1. Just emailed you thanks for picking my name. Thats awful about the flowers!

  2. Nice to have you back! The pictures of your holidays are very nice, it is a relaxing place, even if you don't have any electricity!
    Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    PS. I have heard about "jumping beans", but "jumping flowers"!?! LOL!

  3. I'm sorry, but I just thought this was so funny about the planter. I linked to this post today, because I want my geranium planter to learn a lesson too. :-)

  4. Your flowers seem to have a mind of their own! How sad that they didn't want to live out their lives peacefully until frost. So far, my window boxes have remained where they belong but one never knows about the secret lives of flowers.

    Better luck with your autumn flowers!


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