Wednesday 2 December 2015

Grey Autumn

I can't believe the whole grey November passed without a single posting. It was a very grey month, warm for the time of the year and not too rainy either. Just the dullest month of the whole year.

We had a little snow on the 21st, it lasted a couple of days making the world so much lighter.

My knitting has been grey too, and black. I learned a new technique in my class, and had to try it.

Here is a knitting tutorial for English rib in two colours. My teacher called this Brioche knit, it sounds more delicious!

Every row is knitted twice, first with one yarn and then with the other, and the result is a dark side and a light side.

What looks like a fault in the first picture, light grey colour, is a large buttonhole for the other end of the scarf. No knots needed!

On Friday I will get a new knee. I have dreamed of a pretty little knee, usually seen on young women with pretty slim legs. Then I thought it would look silly with my not at all slim legs and changed the plan and started dreaming of a knee the size it was when I was young. Then I found out that they just use parts they think are best for each patient. No future for me in shorts or mini skirts then ;o). I just hope my life as a Bionic Woman will be painless after the painful start they promised. For a while there will be no climbing the stairs to the sewing machine or this computer, so I will have to take a longer break from blogging again. I will be able to read blogs and comment on the little iPad.

I wish you all a stress free holiday season, see you next year!