Wednesday 15 November 2023

Finished quilt

Here are some of my favorite blocks of my newest quilt. First, the last two 2½" squares from a vintage Moomin fabric from my childhood:

Some of my favorite colors,  latte and dark chocolate. I could have both right now, thank you!

My Liberty cotton blouse and a burgundy men's shirt

Two very nice and soft shirts from my dear Mr. K

I bought an extra wide satin sheet for the backing and quilted this big (for my machine) quilt in maybe four sessions.

It is about 155 cm x 205 cm or 61" x 81". Luckily the quilting went without too many problems and unstitchings.

The quilt is now for sale to support the Finnish Red Cross and through their Disaster Relief Fund to help the victims of the crisis in Ukraine. Our handicraft club's donations have brought over 4,700 € by now, and our campaign is continued as long as possible.