Sunday 16 February 2020

This week's color is red...

... and here are my seven new nine-patches.

Other projects have kept me busy, so there is nothing nice to show. We have had a sorting out week, thee big plastic bags are filled for the charity shop, more than that has been binned, and the paper recycling container has been fed with old magazines and shredded documents.

On Friday morning I slipped on a frosty spot and had a great fall, for the first time in decades, I think. Naturally the first part to hit the ground was my titanium knee! Luckily nothing was broken, metal doesn't feel pain, so I just have a swollen knee and I'm waiting to see if it will turn black and blue or not. Oh, and later I looked in the mirror and noticed that my glasses had cut me a little by the nose and I was bleeding there, but no harm done to the glasses either. 

Sunday 9 February 2020

Green patches

This week all my 9-patches are in greenish shades. I try to keep it limited to my plaid shirt collection, mixed with some solids and some stripes.

This no-snow Winter is confusing for the nature. Blue tits are looking for suitable houses for their nests already, but their normal house-hunting season is in April/May.

The first snow bells are open in our garden, at least a month too early.

Sunday 2 February 2020

New blocks and a finish

 A finished project for January! When I was making the QAYG blocks for Australia, I had to disqualify some of my blocks. One for using the same fabric in it twice, one for too heavy batting and one for using the finished size (10½") for cutting the backing which made a too small block. So I just needed to make one more block, cut them all to 8" and so I had this bright new cushion for a kitchen chair.

This week's 9-patches are in red and blue.

In the evenings I have crocheted some granny squares for Oz Comfort Quilts, and I will send my parcel tomorrow. The grannies are 10 rows making 10" squares.

We have still no real Winter as you can see. We had two new visitors, European Roe deer, never seen in our garden before. Sorry for the reflections, this was taken through the kitchen window when we all were having breakfast. The boy, on the left, has little antlers.

That little snow from Friday is gone again. No snow means depressingly dark days, cloudy days with rain instead of crisp snow with proper frost, blue sky and sunshine. I'm thankful we have not had those slippery wet ice conditions, but would love to have at least some weeks of real Winter before Spring can come.