Sunday, 9 February 2020

Green patches

This week all my 9-patches are in greenish shades. I try to keep it limited to my plaid shirt collection, mixed with some solids and some stripes.

This no-snow Winter is confusing for the nature. Blue tits are looking for suitable houses for their nests already, but their normal house-hunting season is in April/May.

The first snow bells are open in our garden, at least a month too early.


  1. Love plaid/solids 9patches..
    The weather is weird all over the world . Climate change ???
    Oh I do love snowdrops. They remind me of my Mum who always had such a gorgeous show in her garden each year.

  2. Same here, blue tits are very busy in the garden, will have to put their nesting box back up the tree soon.


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