Tuesday 23 January 2018

-19C, new snow, no wind,

and the sun is up from nine to four. Nearly a month has passed without a new blog post, the days are almost an hour and a half longer than at Christmas and we have had new soft snow on several days. This morning was cold, -19C when the sun was rising and the temperature is at the lowest. Now it is a pleasant -12C, no wind.

I took these photos of my new year's knittings before the recent snowfall. These socks are all for chemo patients, knitted in soft yarns with jojoba and aloe.

This pair is from rest balls of normal sock yarn.

So are these mittens.

But the fancy pair of fingerless mittens is alpaca yarn, soft as butter and a treat for the knitter as well.

Windy days took dry twigs and branches down from the trees.

I hope you all have had a good start of the new year!