Wednesday 25 September 2019

September's woollen knittings

At the beginning of September I met with a good friend from so many years ago as she was back in Finland from abroad, visiting family and friends. We meet almost every year here for a latte and a chat. At home she spends a lot of time in an ice skating rink so I thought she would need a pair of warm socks to protect her feet from the cold.

The pattern is Lady-in waiting by Tiina Kuu, a free pattern available in English and in Finnish. It was fun but slow to knit as I'm not used to cables and using the extra needle. It was easy to see where I was going on the pattern, but I think I will leave cables for now and keep to my trusted methods.

My next project was to create "cheerful hats" for a lady who has lost her hair in chemo treatments. I searched the Internet for inspiration and found that the beanies for little children met the requirements better than any other patterns. The Flying Mitten, Lentävä Lapanen, had this baby merino wool in strong colors, so I knitted a basic hat in adult size and added the octopus tentacles on top.

The other favorite was a fox hat. My sister's idea was to add a tail to get some volume for the back of the head. As I worked without any pattern, just the idea, both the ears and the tail needed a second version before I could sew them on. This yarn is 50/50 merino wool and cotton, warm and soft and not itchy at all.

I hope these hats will be what the lady was looking for, and help her keep her spirits up. Maybe she will put a smile on other people's faces when they meet her wearing one of these!