Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday with Stephanie

Today I'm having tea at Loft Creations.

Her button coffee and thread cakes are delicious, but in this cold climate I prefer a hot cup of Earl Grey!

Have a nice Sunday.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Flying Mitten

Last week a knitting cafe opened in Järvenpää, our nearest town. It is called Lentävä Lapanen, the Flying Mitten.
The opening day was very crowded, so I took my camera for another visit yesterday when there were just a few ladies enjoying the luxury of lovely yarns and cosy atmosphere. Welcome in, pick a seat!

There are pattern books and magazines you can read and discuss with other enthusiasts.

At the other end of the shop there are chairs and tables for drinking coffee or tea.

Which rosy cup would you choose?

Maybe a traditional Finnish pastry or a sweet slice of cake? Take a seat now, enjoy your snack and have a look around the shop.

Noro yarns in wonderful colours and textures.

Rowan yarns ... I feel like I'm fainting. Look at all the colours!

Debbie Bliss - here is a free pattern you could use if you have just one hank of their yarn.
Debbie Bliss continued. New yarns are still coming in, the shop only just started.

These hand painted Araucania yarns come from Chile. I bought a hank to make a pair of socks and I will show them as soon as there is something to show. I'm still learning the Toe-to-Top two at a time method and only have the toe part covered by now.

Look at the candles matching the theme of the true knitting cafe!

This basket holds a knitted graffiti in process; anyone can add a row or two.

The shop also keeps a good selection of bamboo knitting needles and crocheting hooks. If the urge hits you, you can buy everything you need and just start knitting! It is definitely a place to go to even with a full stash of yarn at home. You can always have just a coffee and sit with your knitting, surrounded with all those wonderful yarns that inspire you to start a new project.