Monday 23 October 2023

New Quilt in Process

Sometimes I want to start a new quilt just to use up the hundreds of little squares I have cut from final rests of fabrics and stored in neat boxes. I made the dolls' quilts with such squares and other project rests when I was looking through my 2½" square collection. Naturally I had to cut just a few new squares to get the required number of 4-patch blocks.

For the alternating 150 HST squares I allowed myself to buy some new fabric, my all time cheerful favorite grey! The beige is from my stash. Here I was testing the arrangement of the blocks. One upside down 4-patch escaped my control and I had to unpick it later. Luckily it was so close to the end of its row! (Right end of second row from the top, to save you the trouble of finding it.)

And this is how far I got before I got my first flu since the pandemic started, and recovering has been very slow. The backing has been washed and ironed, and I hope to find the energy to get back to work later this week.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Finally some new quilts

I had been itching to finish a sewing project. I'm working on a bigger quilt, using 2½" squares from my stash, but that seems to take ages. While going through my pre-cut stash I found a box of leftover bits from some really old projects. One was 1½" squares from a  QAL Between Charming Friends in 2010! Some rearranging was needed, but soon I had a sweet little quilt for dolls. I used some flannel for batting so the quilt is not too stiff for play.

In the same box was a huge collection of HST squares from the Shadow Play quilt you can still see in my header. First I made these two little quilts,

and then one more:

Naturally pillows were needed too:

After I had sewn pillowcases and sheets, my Susan tested the sets:

The HST quilts were all the same size so we only tested one.

I was going to show my newest sock in September but never had the time to take decent photos of them. Sock selfies are not easy!

"Fake Cable" pattern on my Autumn heather.

Bright colors for the coming dark and rainy days.

I like to try new patterns for my knitting but usually end up knitting stripes with yarn rests and coming back to my trusted favorite patterns for interesting surfaces.