Thursday 21 February 2019

Production line

 This week I have been working on a production line. I found an abandoned jacket Mr K. has used for dusty work on his bamboo rods. It had holes, stains and missing buttons and it was doomed to the textile recycling bag, but I saw that the back part and the top of both sleeves was clean and in good condition, so I took my simple pattern for trousers and cut four pairs of shorts and one pair of long trousers, and then binned the rest what was left. I also found two pairs of kind of khaki shorts I had made some years ago for "my one day box" waiting for these dolls. Summer pants situation good, Winter ones still to do!

Then I went "shopping" in my wool fabric box and some other boxes, and found a pair of orphan sleeves in red and white. They will make some lovely garments for my girl dolls.

The green blouse fabric rests from my mother's sewing room will make a beautiful lining for a coat.

The youngest boy's dungarees need the shoulder straps fastened, button holes and buttons, and the final inseam sewn. I chose the worn part at the elbow from the jacket for the backside of these, because I remember from the books that Roger's bottom needed patching. Boys around age 7 tend to wear out their clothes even faster than they can outgrow them! He has now hair and a wool jumper and socks already, so it will not take too long before you can meet him.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

The first of the Swallows

Hello, my name is Titty Walker and I came to tell you about me and my sister and brothers and what we do. I will be the first one of us you can meet, because Auntie Ulla has finished my jumper already. 

My brothers John and Roger don't even have hair yet, just socks on their feet, so you must understand they can't let anyone take a photo! Susan is wrapped in a blanket too, but at least she has hair.

You may have already put two and two together and noticed that we are the Swallows from Swallows and Amazons. Our friends Nancy and Peggy here are the Amazons,

and they live in England with Auntie Melanie together with the D's, our friends Dorothea 

and Dick Callum, here making coffee in Eastern Finland on an adventure with Auntie Ulla before leaving for England.

Auntie Melanie has taken them all to a picnic on the Lake Coniston, where we have had some wonderful adventures together.

So if you wait patiently, you will meet us all here once we are fully equipped for the Winter weather. I try to make Auntie hurry!