Saturday 26 August 2017

New apron and other news of the week

Last spring I was sewing the Paper Lanterns quilt and used my big floral prints for it. This apron is made from what was left of one of the fabrics generously donated by my sister P ages ago. The curved bits left over from the top sides were big enough for two pockets, and that was the end of that fabric. This week I finally took the little time that was needed for sewing the apron, as I had already ironed all the folds.

To balance that unusual for me burst of colours, this week's socks are in black 100 % merino wool and the most basic sock pattern with no tricks whatsoever. Under the socks you can see the machine quilting of the yellow and blue quilt. I'm working on the binding today so I can show the finished quilt in my next post.

Bumble bees (the brown and black smudges) are busy visiting my salvias

and the silver bush (Calocephalus brownii) has grown to a big cushion with funny little flower heads.

Saturday 19 August 2017

Border blocks for the new quilt

The yellow, blue and white quilt is getting some borders.

These blocks will be 4" finished.

Socks of the week with half fisherman's rib in two colours. The rib is thick and warm and nice. Socks for a fashionable young girl who goes out with bare ankles even in cold weather.

Knitted in Schachenmayr's Regia 4-ply wool, perfect for socks you want to wear with regular shoes.

Our tiny strawberries. I get a handful every day, from the end of July to mid September.

Saturday 12 August 2017

Yellow and blue strings

Tiny scraps sorted according to colour. I used these to make 1" wide strings. No wonder my fabric stash is getting smaller so slowly!

Now I have as many blocks as I need, and the quilt centre is ready. A couple of borders will be needed to make this a nice size for a child's bed, or for a wall hanging.

My socks of the week are very traditional, in the warm and heavy yarn men seem to prefer, in the perfect pattern my mother always used for the best fit.

I hope you had a good week and will be enjoying a nice weekend.

Sunday 6 August 2017

Not a week without new socks?

Using up an odd rest of grey yarn I knitted this pair of socks. I called them Snowball.

My box of flowers is this year purple, pink and blue. I just replaces some pale pansies with some asters in purple, pink and white.