Thursday 2 September 2021

Sporty girls for the health of children

Two sporty girls have joined the Unicef family. This is Iina. She loves real horses and hobby horses. She  is wearing riding pants and a warm wool sweater and matching socks, and carries her own home made hobby horse.

The harness was a tricky project, I didn't have tiny rings for the bit so I had to do with loops instead.

Lotta is a promising young cyclist. Her skin is tanned where it has been exposed to sunlight but white below the neck where her Spandex cycling shorts and tightly fitting shirt cover it. She has taken a fall or two so her elbows, knees and right thigh still show red marks from scratches, but they are healing well. I forgot to take a photo of Lotta's shirt from the back, showing the Unicef logo, row of pockets and the number 51 pinned on both sides like the big cycling tour participants have.

Iina and Lotta are good friends and like to spend time together.

Iina will be there to cheer for Lotta at her cycling competitions and to reach her energy gels and water bottles during long rides.

And Lotta comes to the stable to see Iina on horseback, and helps her organize hobby horse show jumping events for other hobbyists.

The adoption fee of every Unicef doll goes to Unicef for vital vaccinations and other projects to make children's life healthier and safer.