Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday with Stephanie

Today I'm having tea at Loft Creations.

Her button coffee and thread cakes are delicious, but in this cold climate I prefer a hot cup of Earl Grey!

Have a nice Sunday.


  1. I spy a gorgeous tea cozy! Wishing I could sit and share some tea with you.

  2. I enjoyed reading your interview! I always thought you were the 'finish what I start' kind of gal (o:

  3. I never knew you were one of the supremes :) love your teacup. We have excately the same cups in my family home in Sweden so I smiled big when I saw your picture.

  4. The colours in the first pic are so very Spring like, i would prefer yours too.

  5. I enjoyed your interview over at Stephenie's. Your tea cup is very delicate i like it.

  6. Du hast ein aufschlussreiches Interview bei Stephanie gegeben. Es war eine Freude dies zu lesen und dich dadurch ein bisschen besser kennenzulernen!
    Einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir!

  7. Will pop over in a mo. The tea looks lovely. I think I've left a coffee somewhere...ah: other side of the room.

    Beautiful tea pot!

  8. Lovely to be able to come for tea!
    Great idèa to have tea or coffey at the same time:-)Nice china! Have a peaceful Advent time ahead,Ulla!


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