Wednesday 5 December 2012

Winter Roses

It has been a busy time, like it always is for everyone at this time of the year. Most of my doings has been secret, but here is something I can show you:
Mr. K painted two walls in our hallway with the leftover paint from DS2's room renovation. We thought of ways to protect the wall from new dark green marks from this chair. I suggested a board, then thought of covering the board with some fabric and batting ... and my thoughts wandered and I came up with this idea:
A hood for the chair back made with some upholstery fabric leftovers from my mother. It is not quite the same colour as the seat I renewed some years ago, but they go together nicely. I added some double batting on both sides, and simple tape ties at the lower edge.
The Winter came with the advent time, we had lots of snow at the end of last week and the weather turned really cold after a long and unusually warm Autumn. Today our thermometer hasn't climbed to the warmer side of -20C/-4F all day.
Mr. Bullfinch has a snow moustache (click on the photo to enlarge) from digging for sunflower seeds in the new soft snow. All the little birds seem to have come back from the forest where they stayed during the Summer and Autumn as long as they could find their food there. We put the feeder out again in early October when we had the first cold days.
I'm not doing an Advent Calendar this year, but if you want a look at great talent and a dose of beauty without fuzzing about Christmas, you should go here every day and see what my daughter has created. When she was little, she was not allowed to cut in books, but now that she can make them from scratch, and buy her own books to cut, she can do the most wonderful things.


  1. Clever chair idea and the Winter roses will bloom year round. I love your daughter's matchbox creations. Clever and talented, just like her mom.

  2. Great job Ulla. The chaps are doing the fireplace as I type. I can't get to my normal computer for email but will do ASAP. I'm on the laptop upstairs.

    Will pop over to Kaija.

    There has been some light snow on the s coast here.

  3. Great thinking about the chair solution ;-))
    Love the picture of the Bullfinch, for some reason it is hard to ever see them. I do not see them here in Norway anymore ;-(
    Time is scares now in for Christmas and I try to enjoy some me time in the sewing room. Red is a clue ..

  4. It's good to see you back, Ulla!
    What a lovely chair 'upgrading'!
    And the birdies are so sweet. Such beuatiful colors.
    We are having our first snow since yesterday. It looks like there is much more to come.
    I'll be following your daughter's Advent calendar progress! Such lovely tiny boxes.

  5. Brilliant! I didn't realize at first look that it wasn't an upholstered chair back!
    Winter's hit here too...but with tons of rain not snow. I sure do like snow better!

  6. I have been looking at your daughters blog every day now, she is very clever.
    Love the way you have decorated the chair.

  7. What a wonderful idea for the chair, Ulla! I love the fabric! Aren't those finches nice and chubby! We had a tiny bit of snow today but it melted before it touched the ground. I hope you're staying nice and cozy with those cold temps! I checked out Kaija's latest project - it is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. A great job, the fabric is so beautiful. I've been visiting your daughter's blog, I really like her ideas. Hope you're doing fine.


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