Sunday, 16 February 2020

This week's color is red...

... and here are my seven new nine-patches.

Other projects have kept me busy, so there is nothing nice to show. We have had a sorting out week, thee big plastic bags are filled for the charity shop, more than that has been binned, and the paper recycling container has been fed with old magazines and shredded documents.

On Friday morning I slipped on a frosty spot and had a great fall, for the first time in decades, I think. Naturally the first part to hit the ground was my titanium knee! Luckily nothing was broken, metal doesn't feel pain, so I just have a swollen knee and I'm waiting to see if it will turn black and blue or not. Oh, and later I looked in the mirror and noticed that my glasses had cut me a little by the nose and I was bleeding there, but no harm done to the glasses either. 


  1. Oh Pleased you didn't do any serious damage when you fell.
    Good progress with your blocks..
    Sounds like you had a great clean up...

  2. It seems a lot of people are purging. I have 3 bags waiting to get picked up. It will be going to my charity of choice and they give the clothing away instead of selling them. Good luck with the nine patches and I do hope you have healed well from your fall.


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