Sunday 1 March 2020

Day out with Daughter

Last week I had a very nice girls' day out with my daughter. We went to see an art exhibition showing textiles and collected items by Anu Tuominen. We had seen her potholder color circles in Jyväskylä too, and I have posted about that here.

You may have noticed that I'm a keen knitter nowadays, so this sock was my favorite in the exhibition this time. It is called "The Measure of a Woman? (A heel of a sock)". Knowing how to knit a heel of a sock may still be considered here as some kind of a basic skill every woman ought to have. I think this multi heel sock could happen if you knit and watch TV and don't concentrate on your knitting properly!

Another version. She also had a square sock with three heels all turning the same way.

Here are most of the color circles. Potholders recycled, found or bought from charity shops.

For some reason this piece had a girl's name, Pirkko.

I have only shown here some of her textile pieces. There were also wonderful works using other materials like old dining plates, ski shoes filled with pussy willows, crayons or color pencils, nesting enamel bowls, you name it.

After the art we had some lunch, spent some time at a big book store and finally had coffee before she took me to my train and went to work. Lovely feminine boost day for me.

My sewing machine has been away from home for service but came back to wait for a new part, so I have tried to keep up with my own challenge of making nine-patches almost every day. Here are ten new ones in random colors.

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  1. Tuo oli niiiin hyvän mielen näyttely, että se pitäisi nähdä kerran vuodessa.


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