Sunday 1 July 2012

Hunting for old books again, textile art

For many years already, Mr. K and I have made a Summer trip to Sastamala to the Old Literature Fair where sellers and buyers of old books are gathered for two days. The place is a school, and many sellers have their tables and shelves in a big tent in the school yard.

Mr K. found several interesting books on fishing, and my treasure is located on a river as well:

This is the first edition of the children's classic Wind in the Willows in Finnish. No pictures inside, but the cover pleases my eye.

After seeing all the books we drove to visit my mother and made lunch at her place. It was good to see her in reasonably good health and in a very good mood. Our next stop was in central Finland where our DD Kaija lives. We stayed in a new hotel.

The bed was the best after our own bed at home, but the bathroom could have had a rail on the wall to help anyone stiffer and older than we are.

As you can see the weather was nice all day, not too hot. This is a view from our window.

On Saturday we met with Kaija and wanted to visit the Finnish Handicraft Museum which was closed on the Monday when I visited Kaija before Christmas. This time we had better luck, although the permanent exhibition was closed due to moisture damage to the building. We saw Anu Tuominen's exhibition Fingerprints. She is known for her work with recycled textiles she has bought at flea markets, like these potholders:

or the soap dishes, arranged by colour to create her piece of art:

The name of the work adds a new dimension to her art, here is Compostor:


Pancakes with Strawberry Jam, Milk 2012, from 2002 onwards, second-hand panholders, buttons, jam container and spoon, mugs and crocheting:

From the left: Worsted (combed yarn), 2007, combs, knitting
Three-colour knitting, 2012, brushes, knitting
Casting on for a striped scarf, 2007, knitting needles, yarn
Sweater for Mr Moebius, 2012, knitting. Unfortunately I missed the other half of this one, but you can imagine how it is when you think of the Möbius strip. Click to enlarge all the pictures!

If you want to see more of her work, here is a link to pictures on the internet.

After the exhibition we did some shopping, had lunch with Kaija and V, went to see their new home and came back to our own.


  1. You definitely had a good time! How wonderful to catch up with your mother and your DD.
    Love the picture of the potholders and soap dishes. It's all so colorful.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Åå this looks so nice Ulla.. Summertime is traveling time and I love that !

  3. This was very nice, family, books and textiles is always a good combination

  4. This must have been such a lovely trip for you. I like the picture of the soap holder :-) Nice with summer trips,love the blue sea and the green,green trees. Used to read the book when my children were young,must see if I find it somewhere. Love the hotel-bed!

  5. What a great Summer trip. I love browsing through books, old and new. I do have a fondness for children's books. Looks like you found a little treasure. Your weather looks perfect. How nice to enjoy the museum with your daughter. LOVE the wall in your hotel room.

  6. Great trip Family books and textile art. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  7. Great trip Family books and textile art. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  8. Näyttely näyttää ihanalta, ei vain tule matkaa sinne päin, mutta kiva kun laitoit kuvia tänne nähtäväksi! Kesällä matkailu on kivaa ja vaivatonta.

  9. NOW that looks like the perfect summer day!! Let's hope you have lots of those this summer!! Love the pics!

  10. Thanks for the tour, love LOVE the recycling artworks!!

  11. You and Mr. K have had some fun trips so far this year! Your book find is wonderful, Ulla! I love the look of your hotel, too. Very plush!

  12. What imagination in the museum. They get you to look at the everyday things in a new way.

    The lake view from your hotel room is so pretty. The highlight of this blog post to me was seeing Ratty and Mole in a boat on the river. Wind in the Willows is one of my fav books of all time. William Horwood wrote some sequels, should you get fond of the characters. Don't read "The Willows and Beyond" though where he unnecessarily kills them off. That is the worst book I have ever read.

  13. Ulla I just have to comment on this older post because Anu Tuominen's is just amazing. I've never seen anything like the meat grinder (Compostor)!

    And some of us who are on the younger side would still need a rail for support in that bathroom!


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