Monday, 2 July 2012

TdF day 2 - a minor setback

Day two of Tour de Fibre didn't bring much progress as you can see:

A pink preemie hat among my pink peonies, close to being finished. And here ten minutes later:

I had dropped a stitch way back and couldn't make it good again, and the hat was more suitable for a one-year old than a preemie, so I will use a pattern that will not be so loose.
I decided to add some stitches to my Scandinavian Christmas instead:

If you want to watch the Tour de Fibre, there are links to many participating blogs on Hanne's sidebar.


  1. Sometimes we just need to put a project down and do something else. My daughter was tiny but not a preemie when she was born. She did have to wear preemie clothes which were not easy to find in Hawaii at the time. I still have several of her little outfits.

  2. OH my...your Scandinavian Christmas is a work of ART!! GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Love the knitting too but the SC takes my breath away!!

  3. Glad you had the stitching on something so beautiful after the un picking. Better luck tonight.

  4. Your SC is looking beautiful! Sorry about your hat. What a pretty colour though.

  5. I know you'll make something perfect with the yarn, Ulla. I so love the Scandinavian Christmas and am very tempted to make one for myself!


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