Sunday 22 July 2012

TdF day 18 and 19 - Book hunting and knitting (again)

On Friday my blanket was at this stage.

We made a little Summer trip to Hämeenlinna, a city about one hour from us.

The church is from 1798. This Summer cafe is to the left of the church.

We wanted to continue our book hunting. Mr. K. had better luck than I, but I was happy to find a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in very good condition.

Yesterday was spent recovering from the trip and a lunch in town, so this post covers two days of the Tour. The knitting has grown a little:

New flowers have opened their buds in our garden:


  1. What a beautiful church. I can imagine the hunt for books is fun but the find is even more exciting. Our day lilies are in full bloom but many are already finished due to the heat.

  2. You have day lilies! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but so many palnts are different in other places that I'm surprised when something is the same. Its always interesting though.
    Your knitting looks good, I love block blankets, knit or crochet, very pretty and satisfying!
    That church looks lovely, very modern compared to anything here which is that old, but then few of our buildings would be painted and that does make a difference in appearance. When my internet behaves itself I will click on the link to see more.
    Tom Sawyer is such fun!!

  3. What a nice church, are you collecting ols books. Your lilies are beautiful

  4. The church is beautiful, thanks for the link.
    What sort of books are you hunting for?

  5. Congrats on the book find.

    Well done with the blanket progress. I nearly picked up some needles this evening, but they are packed tidily and then the fluff got in as Winnie the Pooh would say.

  6. Beautiful old buildings and in such good condition too. Your knitting has grown a lot, you must knit fast. And your lilies are beautiful.


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