Sunday, 8 July 2012

TdF day 7 - Grandmother's knitting pattern

Some time ago I showed the unfinished mittens I have kept as a piece of history. Yesterday I took my knitting needles and some yarn ends and started experimenting. This was my first try but something went wrong and I started again.

This time I believed in myself and solved the mystery. You only use one colour at a time, knit all rows and change colour after two rows. Number of stitches can be divided by 4. So here it goes: knit two rows in colour 1 (my red), then  row 3: *knit 3 stitches in colour 2 (white), lift one* repeat to the end of the row. Row 4: knit all white stitches, lift the red stitch with the yarn on your side of the stitch, repeat to the end of the row. Row 5: Change to colour 1, knit 1, *lift 1, knit 3*, knit the last stitches of the row. Row 6: Knit all red stitches, lift the white as on  row 4. Repeat the rows 3 to 6.

My pattern writing language is not what the patterns usually are, but if yo really are interested, just try to follow it and write it for yourself in the correct language. As you can see, I can now knit like my grandmother used to:

The 3-coloured pattern was easier. I must be knitted in circular rounds either on DPNs or a circular needle. Again, only one colour is used at a time, and number of stitches something by 4. Row 1, knit in the background colour. Row 2:* knit in colour 1 (red) 3 stitches, lift one*, repeat. Row 3: like row 3, you will lift the same white stitches. Row 4: knit all stitches in background colour (white). Row 5: knit in colour 2 (blue): knit one, lift one., *knit 3, lift one*, and knit the last two stitches in blue. Row 6: Like row 5. Repeat the rows 1 to 6.  - Both patterns make the mittens warmer than just plain stitching, and there are no long yarns inside to catch the little fingers.

After the fine wool I wanted to knit something with bigger needles. I used all my colourful cotton ball ends, starting at the top with the tiniest scraps:

This hat will be for a strong little baby.

Today "we" will be cycling in the mountains again.


  1. How special, that you could figure out your grandmother's knitting!
    Lovely hat! Love the colors you matched.

  2. Nice, to bad i not knitting any more ...

  3. I believe your grandmother would be very happy. Happy cycling! I want to jump into your blog banner to cool off. :o)


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