Thursday 19 July 2012

TdF day 16 - knittings out of the house

I promise this is the last you will see of my baby hats. I took the lot to the local maternity ward yesterday. 31 in all, if you want to know. And even if you don't. Wool, cotton and bamboo yarns, and a set of 4 in baby acrylic.

Four knitted blankets, these are all in baby acrylic.

Five tiny preemie quilts from earlier this year, one of my PIPs.

And finally the Angel Pods.

The nurses were pleased to receive all this. More than 1,000 babies come to the world there every year. They are getting hats from other knitters too.

The Tour was too exciting yesterday , I had to watch it from the beginning to the end. The Col du Tourmalet is the first thing I remember about this Tour from many many years back. All I can do without constantly looking at my hands is knitting, so here is the result:

I had about half of the blue square knitted on the rest day, and finished last night when the red square was ready. I have several balls of both yarns so this will be a red and blue blanket.

Our apple trees are full of promises of apples. Last year there was hardly anything, so this year my cellar will be filled with apple sauce jars again.


  1. A fantastic amount of knitted baby gifts, the hospital must have been delighted. What size are your premmie blankets?
    I'm just now munching on one of the last of my apples from this season. They have lasted well outside under the porch roof as the days are cool and nights cold. It's sad when they're all eaten and i have to buy them. Not as nice. I hope you have a bountiful season.

  2. I can imagine the nurses were very happy with what you brought them to warm many many babies!
    Love the blue and red knitted blocks.
    Homemade apple sauce. Yummy!

  3. I loved seeing all your cute little hats and you have also knitted and sewed many lovely blankets... No wonder the nurses were happy.
    What a fabulous job you have done. Big hug for all your work.

    Oh what is an an Angel Pod?????

  4. You have made so many lovely things, I'm sure they were very happy when you brought them to the hospital

  5. A wonderful gift for the nursery section of your hospital.
    A special hug for all your gifts.
    The apple sauce reminds me of my Mom. Nice!!

  6. I'm sure the maternity ward was thrilled with the special delivery you made. :o) Such kindness to share your talents. With the heat and drought we've been having we have many crops in distress. I'm wondering how the apple trees are doing.

  7. WOW, you've done a wonderul job with your knitting. It must feel so good to have it appreciated by the maternity ward nurses.

  8. You have been busy. All so wonderful. Love seeing all the hats together.

  9. Such a wonderful gathering of your hand made baby items. I know the hospital will be so grateful for all your hard work, Ulla! I'm envious of your apples. Ours will not produce until possibly next year.

  10. Well done Ulla! You have produced a fantastic amount for the baby unit at the hospital. I don't mind about hearing about the hats- even the new ones you will make. :-) They look so pretty in a group.

    Just looking at your knitting reminded me of the sock yarn which I plan to make from the toe up like you recommended.

    Lovely that you have apples. I still have so much jam that I'm not sure what to do with this years crop.

  11. How beautiful all your lovely knitting looks. You've worked so hard for such a good cause. You know whoever takes each little hat or blanket home will treasure them always.


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