Tuesday 31 July 2012

At the Antique Market

On Saturday we went to see the local Antique Market here in our village. Last year was our first visit; this new location near the shops was nicer. I noticed two little teddy bears sitting on a chair.

A sweet little sewing machine with original packing. Too bad I don't collect sewing machines, not even small ones.

Forks and knives and kitchen stuff.

Cups and saucers and glasses, really rather vintage than antique. Many people collect coffee cups, especially Finnish cups.

There were old copper coffee pots, at a reasonable price.

An embroidered towel rack curtain, to hide the kitchen towels from view.

This one is for you, Simone: half a stall filled with jugendstil embroideries. I think most of them were recently made after original patterns from the beginning of last century.

Another popular collectible, blue and white butter jars from last century, manufactured by Arabia, the  best known Finnish ceramics factory.

I found one pretty little jug, but the price was about six times the sum I was ready to pay. Luckily Mr. K. found a fly fishing rod at a bargain price.

Nothing handmade by me this time? Yes, there is. Yesterday Mr. K and I picked a small bucket full of sour cherries from a tree planted by birds, and I cooked 25 small jars of cherry jam. Yum, yum!


  1. Ohhhh how I enjoyed that stole...Thanks for taking me along!

  2. Now that would be such fun to browse an antique mall in a different country. I've never made jam. YUM. I leave the jam making to the professionals. :o)

  3. Nice to see what the Finish markets have.
    The jam looks very good, you're clever.

  4. Your jam looks delicious. Nice of the birds to plant the tree for you. It looks like you had good weather for your market day.

  5. Yumm can I have some jam for my breakfast? Makes me hungry for summer fare. Mustt check the larder.
    The summer market was fun.

  6. A great local market with lots of interesting things to look at! Your cherry jam looks beautiful.

  7. OO sour cherries bring back memories of me using the stones in my caterpault. :-) Beautiful colour!

    What a lovely antiques fair. The little sewing machine was so sweet. I like looking in charity shops also for good bargains. Reasonable prices too. :-)

  8. I love markets like this. Thank you for the special picture you took of the Jugendstil.
    What I love about sour cherries: they don't have worms.

  9. Gosh - what a lovely outdoor antiques market, Ulla! Is that you looking at the bears? Glad Mr. K found a fly rod! Your jam looks very good, too!


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