Tuesday, 17 July 2012

TdF day 15 - knitted minestrone

Yesterday's knitting was just using up the waste ends of the smallest rests of yarn:

You can read more about this yarn soup on the other blog I have joined. The group is "full" now, but you are free to steal the idea.

I have also been sewing but it is a secret project. What about our yellow rose instead:

Today the cyclists are resting and so do I. See you on Thursday!


  1. What a lovely yellow rose. Almost like bright sunshine. Interesting knitting. Sort of reminds me of the sweaters my mom knit for me when I was really young- kindergarten age.

  2. Beautiful yellow rose, matches the yellow skivvy of the lead cyclist. Love your little scrappy soup de fibre, i'll have to do some more of mine soon too.

  3. Scrap knitting...like scrap quilting. Fun, pretty, maybe a little tedious.

  4. Beautiful rose. I keep promising to take photos of my roses but when I have the camera I have yet more rain! Have fun with the knitting. I have a lot of catch up sewing to do as well as visiting.

  5. Not sure I like your knitting project. But then I do love the idea.
    What a lovely yellow for roses. It has been a long time since I saw yellow roses.

  6. Your Tour de Knitting (wink) is really going wonderfully, Ulla! Can you knit without looking while the exciting parts of the race are on? Your yellow rose is striking! Such a deep yellow!

  7. your knitting looks great


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