Saturday 14 July 2012

TdF day 12 - The last pink one, with yellow

I weighed the last ball rest of the pink yarn, and added the pale yellow yarn I had left, and knew I could make yet another preemie beanie/cap/hat (pick the name you prefer, I call them myssy):

Mango and strawberry ice cream, don't you think?

Wild strawberries from our back yard this morning. Yummy!

Did you see what happened to David Moncoutie yesterday on the Tour? Broken collarbone and bleeding all over. If this can happen to experienced cyclists, can you wonder why I never learnt to ride a bicycle. When trying to learn as a kid, I fell over at least twice, and the second time I was bleeding. Who knows what could have happened the third time. Better safe than sorry.


  1. Yummy looking hat and even yummier looking strawberries.

  2. Yummy looking hat and even yummier looking strawberries.

  3. Nice, soft colours in the hat. My mom wouldn't let either me or my brother get a bicycle. She didn't want anything to happen to us and since we lived in the city with a whole lot of cars, she was worried. Besides, public transportation was near.

  4. Such soft colors in the little cap. There are some very lucky little babies. How fun to have fresh strawberries. My bike injury happened on a family bike ride...3 year old son fell into me causing me to topple over in his direction. Not wanting to fall full weight on him I reached my arm out to break the fall causing me to nearly break my wrist. It was wrapped for about a week while I recovered. I was in my 30s.

  5. Love your icecream beanie, so that's it then, no more?

  6. Cute beanie... my nickname for my sister. Yes, the flavors would make yummy ice cream, especially with fresh strawberries.

  7. Love the combination with yellow!
    It is really special, to see the things that are gone in our garden, growing in yours now.
    Riding a bike is a must in the Netherlands. One of the 'transport' methods. But I don't think my MIL rides a bike. She doesn't swim either. Even afraid to drown under the shower.

  8. I'll post you some more tomorrow, after all you need something to do while watching the Olympics. ok?

  9. So many babies will have the prettiest and warmest heads! Maybe you should have some ice cream with those gorgeous strawberries!


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