Saturday, 7 July 2012

TdF day 6 - baby hat

The 6th day of the Tour was warm and sunny here. The cyclists were approaching the mountains and that will make watching them more interesting. I worked only on the knitting project and finished the pink hat finally.

This is the 25th preemie hat I made this Spring and Summer, and as you can see the collection calls for some more pink hats. The 50 g ball has 310 m yarn so I think I can make two, maybe three more.

Have you seen the other Tour de Fibre projects? List of links is here or here.


  1. Wow you have been busy. I love the baby hat pattern and your Scandinavian Christmas quilt.

  2. All your wee hats look so cute abd a few more pinks will make them look even cuter... Great work.

  3. Many pretty an warm preemies soon! So sweet! And ... so many ...

  4. Great work Ulla. It does look so sweet. Good luck using up the ball.

  5. Love the pattern of this one, and all the others, too. Love that you make them all different. Such a nice gift.

  6. Very giving of your time and talent!!
    The pattern is very nice in white and yellow as well.

  7. Oh my - there will be a lot of little cozy preemie heads with your beautiful caps!

  8. I'm loving all those baby beanies, you certainly have been very busy. They look wonderful together like that.


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