Thursday, 5 July 2012

TdF day 4 - binding experiences

My Tour de Fibre post has been rescheduled for the next morning because we watch the Tour de France in the evening after work. Preparing for the 4th day I sewed the binding on my SC and thought it looked a little odd.

This was not the first binding I made ever, but someone might think otherwise. Anyway, after unpicking it I had a perfect , endless binding to attach to the right side of my quilt. During the cycling I managed to hand sew it almost all way round, just the corner for the label is waiting for tonight. I remembered to add a sleeve too, as you can see in the top right corner below. The other edge of it needs hand sewing too.

Our pink peonies are in full bloom now, and their scent reminds me of baking.

I have been working on the Helping Hands scarves from Melanie as well. The squares need to be cut to same size now. The scarves had slightly different widths and lengths too.

I have this book by Kaffe Fassett, and my quilt is inspired by the cover of the book.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished SC quilt.Pretty flowers in your garden.

  2. Love looking at your SC, soon finished the whole quilt:-) Really ADMIRE you for quilting it yourself ..Very Good..
    Great flowers. Mine was replanted last year,so no flowers till next year.
    Being a fan of KF,I`ll check on the link late!

  3. Funny, how something like your binding can happen, after so much experience.
    Look forward to see your Helping Hands project! I still wear my scarf that I made with the fabrics.

  4. Congratulatons on your SC. The scarfs look very nice, Looking forward to see the rest of it.
    I have those flowers in y garden too. They are probably blooming now

  5. Sorry you had to unpick! That's never any fun. Very pretty pink peonies. Ours are all bloomed out. I was just looking at my scarves the other day...still trying to decide how to use them. Can't wait to see what you're up to.

  6. Unsewing is never fun but I guess it's like knitting you don't just leave the mistakes.
    Looking forward to viewing the entire quilt.
    Pretty pink peonies.

  7. OO so nearly finished Ulla! Well done! Sorry you had to unpick. I hate it when that happens.

    I've not played with the scarf fabric yet- I have an idea now though, so that is half the battle. :-) Looking forward to the big reveal.

    My garden needs weeding before I share. The colour of your peony is beautiful.


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