Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Time to smell the flowers

The end of the Tour was exhausting and I was too tired to even report for the final stage. Instead, I took time to smell the flowers, or at least see and notice them. My favourite bellflower the Campanula persicifolia, or "the crane's bellflower" in Finnish. Cats, magpies, deer, elks, goats, foals and even old men have their own bellflowers in Finnish.

Prunella vulgaris (common self-heal) colours our lawn with beautiful purple. Finding the link for you I learnt that this flower is edible. I have not yet tasted!

On a little shopping trip I found these delicious Autumn fabrics 20 % off the price. I tried to explain to Mr. K that 6 fabrics with 20 % off the price would mean a discount of 120 %, but he is so good with numbers that he didn't believe me.

My blanket has grown a little even after the TdF. I pick up the stitches by the side of a knitted square and join the last stitch at the end of the row to the other square's finishing row, so there will be no sewing the squares together.

This was my secret sewing during the Tour, a clothes pin apron for Simone for her birthday.


  1. The knitted blanket will soon be complete and the apron will come in handy on laundry day. You could always add a few flowers to your salad. It would add some great colour.

  2. The cloth pin apron is so pretty. So enjoying hanging up the laundry now (o: The wooden clips are great.
    Why didn't DH not believe you. To me 20% x 6 is also 120%.
    Lovely autumn fabrics.

  3. In the Uk anything which has a common name ending in wort meant that it was used for healing.

    What yummy Autumn fabrics! I think Mr K's maths is faulty. After talking with my husband I think it is a male flaw.

    Well done with your blanket knitting. It is coming together fast.

    What a lovely gift for Simone. I know how useful mine is now we are having some sunshine.

  4. Like the secret sewing. Seems you gals like us still hang laundry out to dry. Many Americans use the dryer year round. DAH!!
    The blanket is looking good.
    Flowers in salad is often seen at Christmas here. You have snow we have flowers.

  5. You deserve to be exhausted, Ulla! It was a very long race and you stuck with it the entire race! Bravo! How I love the bellflower, too - and I had no idea the other was edible! I like your math on the discount better than Mr. K's (wink). I haven't seen one of those aprons since my mother had one. What a fun gift!

  6. You have been very busy, knitting and sewing, love the new fabric you bought!
    I used to grow some campanulas in my garden - they were double flowers called 'cup and saucer' flowers.

  7. Your blanket is very nice, it is a fun way to knit. . Very nice apron, we can hardly st clips in wood, most of them are in plastic.
    Nice to see your flowers, I wonder how my flowers are when we come home.

  8. Such delicate flowers. I do like your logic about the fabric sale. :o) Very pretty. I really can't wait for Fall. I'm sure Simone was thrilled with the clever and thoughtful gift.

  9. I love the way you think Ulla. 120% off seems like a real bargain for those lovely fabrics. LOL


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