Tuesday 3 July 2012

TdF day 3 - SC, knitting and new taste experiences

This day had exciting events on the screen and unfortunately some cyclists had to give up their Tour de France already. Our Tour de Fibre is safer for the participants, and by switching from knitting to quilting I try to avoid one-sided stress on my hands. Today the hand quilting on SC was completed, just some snowflakes on the blocks.

For the mountain part I continued knitting on the preemie hat with an easy lacy pattern.

In the morning I received a surprise from Melanie, a UK themed supper:

My first experience of Marmite could be expressed with the words "interesting" and "exotic", and I will give it a second try. Anyway, the special edition jar must be a collector's item in a few years, with or without contents. The biscuits and the crisps will be opened tomorrow.

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  1. Glad it arrived safely! It was one of those cult English things I thought you ought to try. :-)

    Well done with the preemie hat. So delicate looking. Very well done with SC! Looking good!

  2. Your santa looks nice, I am not handquilting my red SC, I have sent it to a lady with a longarm machine.
    The preemie hat looks very nice. how many "stitches"do you have? I made a lot of hats when my children were small and I do now for my grandchild. But I have never made so small ones.

  3. It's a good idea to have a couple of different projects to do so you don't tire your hand and the muscles used. I look forward to seeing both of the projects once they are complete.

  4. After 40+years in Australia I still can't eat Vegemite (the local Marmite).
    Knitting looks good. Enjoy the cycling

  5. You do lovely work, as always :-)

  6. Have you ever tried peanut butter with marmite? Big hit in this houshold.

  7. Snacks to munch on while watching the race and hand sewing/knitting. I've tried vegemite...it's definitely an acquired taste. Enjoy the tour.

  8. Great idea on keeping your hands from getting stressed! Your preemie cap is so pretty. Fantastic supper from Melanie! So what do spread the Marmite on?

  9. Your knitting looks lovely, very delicate. Laughing here about your ma'amite, here the Aussie equivalent of vegemite is kid's food, every Aussie kid is brought up with it. Hint for trying it - start very light, just a touch of it. You'll soon learn to love it.


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