Thursday 7 April 2011

Raggedy News

It can happen to any diet. One day you just can't resist, and end up with cakes, chocolates or pizzas on your hips in no time. Or if you are trying to use your stash of fabrics, you end up buying more. Much more. This is what happened to me (I don't want to speak about the food type of problems here). My trusted fabric shop owner will retire in Summer, and she is selling all her fabrics -30 % of the prices. I bought the red flannel in March, and went to buy a stash of big pieces for backings on the third official Sale day. All her nice coloured solids were gone! I bought two checkered fabrics, one floral print (very lovely, I think), and a blue baby fabric for baby quilts. The heavy white solid is for bags I'm going to print and maybe dye. I forgot the amounts (like one easily does with unpleasant facts) but I will measure them for my statistics later. I think I will just exercise more. More and  longer walks, and more sewing and finished projects. I forgot to take a picture of the finished 9-patch. I'll do it for the next post.

I have already finished one project this month! I had bought this tea towel panel last month for a friend who is moving to France in a few months, and I machine stitched a useful sentence for her to learn. It must be useful because I learned it at school over 40 years ago and still can remember:

Kala ilman juotavaa on myrkkyä. Fish without something to drink is poison.  I gave it to her on her birthday on Monday, so she'll have time to learn French before the big move.  

It's a long time since I last showed you my Raggedy & Friends BOM. Kaaren published the last three blocks at one time in February, and now mine are stitched and the quilt top is finished. Here is block 10:

and number 11

and the last one:

Tonight I'm taking the top with me to class and  I will piece the backing and make the quilt sandwich on the large table in the classroom. Beats kneeling on the floor at home any time! I could finish this quilt for the exhibition on the weekend after next, but there is really no place to hang quilts. Our teacher has asked for smaller projects for the show, like cushions, potholders and such. I will borrow the Ladyfingers bag I made as Christmas present for DS1's girlfriend.


  1. Good for you to stay on top of the making of the Raggedy A and A quilt. Laila wants one but I have other things to do right now. It can wait. I love the fabrics you did buy. There is a quilt store closing it's doors here too and the same thing happened. The fabric disappeared quick.

  2. I just love your Raggedy Ann quilt! It is looking terrific...I really like the fabrics you're using.

    Nice addition to stash but lets not talk about dieting!

  3. Yay for you, Ulla! Your top is finished and it looks fantastic!

    Thanks for bringing my Raggedy & Friends quilt to life. I absolutely LOVE it!

  4. Hee...whether is be cake or fabric, we all overdo it at one time or another! I like your idea of more walks and sewing, Ulla! Lovely fabric purchases (yes, the floral print is so pretty) and what a wonderful gift for your friend! Kaaren's blocks are so cute - I can't wait to see the big reveal!

  5. I think the word "diet" is a bad 4-letter word! :o) It should be banned from all languages. Your raggedy is so cute. Such a fun and happy project and I've loved watching it grow.

  6. Thanks for stopping by - the QAYG Quilts for Christchurch are amazing - and seeing the blocks coming from around the world is so humbling.
    Thank you for your contribution it is appreciated xxx

  7. Very pretty! good luck on the finish.

  8. This quilt is so special Ulla and you have done a beautiful stitching. Raggedy Ann and Andy mels my heart ;-)
    I can understand why you use a tabel insteed of the floor when you prepare your quilt ..
    What do the real Ann and Andy say about this quilt, they must be proud...

  9. It is so nice to see your last blocks done for the Raggedy Ann & Andy quilt. The scrappy nine-patch borders look great with your cute stitcheries.


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