Wednesday 4 May 2011

Stash use report for April

Oh this was a bad month! I didn't finish any bigger projects, just a pincushion, a tissue holder and a pair of potholders, for which I used about 15 cm of fabric scrabs all together. The fabrics are all from my stash, and the potholder fabrics are all recycled, so this is naturally a good thing. Both have a 9-patch, so they qualify for Anne Marie's challenge, even when they are just a tiny project. I took the photo before the last binding was sewn on the reverse.

My only other finish, the Bag Club reversible bucket bag took about 1 m of the three fabrics all together, and that is all I managed to sew in April.

The other side of my statistics shows very big figures. The fabric store I usually use is closing business and selling all fabrics with a 30 % discount, and I have bought something every week. Big pieces of fabric, to make backings, and lovely pieces that have been too expensive until now. Can you believe it: 19 m in all. (I wrote it small so you would not notice how much it was.) Soon there are no nice fabrics left in her shop, so I don't need to buy them any longer. And I hope to get at my Raggedy and Friends quilt this month; it only requires quilting and binding, and then I can count all the fabric I have used for it since last Summer. I'm also working on a jacket for myself, and a slip for a dress, so I think things will look better for May.

I hope you have had better results than I for your using your stash and (not) buying fabrics in April.


  1. WHAT 19 METRES of fabric??? Haha Couldn't resist!! Have fun and ENJOY!! You deserve to treat yourself once in awhile!!
    Love the bag and oven pads! Pxo

  2. I'll be honest, I could never take a pledge to NOT buy more fabric! Enjoy seeing your projects!

  3. This was a bad month for me...while I did use fabric on hand I splurged A LOT and bought the Denyse Schmidt fabric. Love the hot pads and still loving your bag.

  4. Hi hi you are so funny Ulla.. I love your stash report ;-)
    And ninepatch potholders are so lovely , I will count them in my challenge right away..

  5. Now which 4 quilts do you have in mind for your 1-m of fabric?
    Like the pot holders.
    The bag is special yummmm

  6. Cute potholders! I think I faired about even this month - took some in and some went out - minimal, but pretty even! I wish I had done more for Anne Marie's challenge but feel good that I have one project under my belt! And absolutely no one can find fault in fabrics that are 30% off - with the cost of cotton rising steadily, I'd say they were well deserved purchases, Ulla!

  7. You did get quite some projects done, I think.
    And, how can you resist a quilt shop that closes down. Nope, I couldn't read how much you spend. It must have been nice, after so many new-fabric-free-months.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I think you should give yourself a round of applause for getting 19m at such a discount in a time when prices are rising by so much. I'm afraid I haven't sewn much this month either but have been buying a fair bit. I'm blaming so many holidays and good weather so I did lots of neglected tasks in the garden.

    Rain and thunder today so housework time. :-)

  9. 19 metres of fabric - I can relate to that !!! Wish I was at that shop too !

  10. Oh, da darf ich ja auch gestehen, dass mein April stash report fast ähnlich aussieht wie bei dir....was die Einkäufe von neuen Stoffen angeht ;-) ! Es sind...15 yards...alles grosse Stücke für Rückseiten (oder evtl. auch für neue Projekte). Und da Garten und anderes im Moment Vorrang hat, ist der Nähverbrauch leider etwas sehr klein....Aber das kann sich ja wieder ändern :-) !! Let's be happy with our new fabrics !
    Wünsche dir wunderschöne Frühlingstage!


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