Monday, 16 January 2012

First PIP and some Winter fun

The new year began with many good intentions, and joining Stephanie's PIPS 2012 was one of them. Here is my first finish of a Project in Process from last year, two Christmas ornaments with a pattern from Suzie. I'm working on a secret project at the moment so no other crafty pictures yet.

We have snow now, and someone thought the concrete swans at the little playground in the pedestrian area needed something to wear against the cold:

All three of them have traffic cones on their heads. I think they could use warm scarves around their long necks too!

Bullfinches come to our feeder regularly. They change places so quickly that I can't count them, but at least 20 of them have been there at the same time. Today's temperature has dropped to -17C/+1.4F, so the poor things need a lot of sunflower seeds.

In the evenings I have been knitting Angel Pods for stillborn babies using Kaite's pattern. She has just amended the hood to be stitched with 33 to 35 stitches. Here is my first version with the too small hood:

When I have finished some in different sizes I will take them to the local maternity ward. They may only need a few of these in a year, because all risk pregnancies are directed to a bigger hospital.


  1. Congratulations on your first PiPs. They've very pretty. Someone certainly has a sense of humor with the cone heads. :o) My friend knits for a newborns in need charity and she's made these little angel pods as well.

  2. The Angel Pods are such a good idea. I am sure they will be appreciated at the hospital.

  3. Love you Christmas Rose flower from before!
    Flying so fast the little Red Robins,it is difficult to get a close picture of them,but seeing their red chest on you pic is great:-)
    Lovely two stars,seems very advanced,but nice looking!

  4. Thanks for the smile when I looked at the swans. I do like your Christmas ornaments.
    I had never heard of angel pods. What a thoughtful thing to knit.

  5. Love your stars, they are very pretty.
    And the swans with the traffic cones.... what a wonderful thing to do... I'd like a dollar for every smile or lightened heart the have caused. We have a feed store (where you can buy different grains and hay for your horses, cattle, birds, pets) that has a plastic horse that is always dressed up according to the current holiday. It's fun to see.
    Thanks for sharing those pictures.

  6. What interesting stars, Ulla! They look like fun to make! The swans are great - I can see them dressed up all sorts of ways at different times of the year! Bullfinches are so pretty - wish we had them here. What a lovely idea for stillborn babies!

  7. The swans are delightful. Our pair had a signet again this year and it is almost changed from white to speckled brown to black. Amazing transformation.

    Your stars and knitting are both great projects. Good start to the new year.

  8. your little angel pod looks so soothing, i'm pleased to see my pattern works. i think those swans definately need colourful knitted scarves, a little yarn bombing would be in order there.

  9. Beautiful stars!! And oh, I love those traffic cones on the heads of the swans. Looks so funny. Maybe you can make them the scarfs ;o) But, would they last?
    Our temperatures aren't that cold, but we have had rain the whole day )o:
    You always join such wonderful charity groups. You are so sweet, Ulla!


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