Monday, 19 March 2012

Scandinavian Christmas - Block 2

Right after I made my last post, I had a sudden burst of energy and finished the block 2 stitching, trimmed it to size and added the Churn Dash blocks to the top.

Here they are, the two first blocks together.I'm ready to start the third one. I have a wonderful light box for tracing patterns, but for the second try with the snowman block I used something I first saw on Hanne's stitchery: Sticky-Fabri-Solvy, a product you can print your pattern on (using an bubble jet printer), and then just finger-press the top layer on your fabric. It is very thin, not sticky on the needle, and it just washes away in water after you finished the stitchery. I recommend making a test stitchery first, just in case.

Guess what we had today? New snow! Mr. Pheasant made a lovely stitching pattern while I was in town.

Tomorrow is Spring Equinox, and we all have about 12 hours sunlight and 12 hours without it. After that, we will be racing towards longer days faster than the ones of you who live further from the North Pole. In a month our day is already 14 hours long, in two months about 17 and a half hours and at Midsummer our daylight time is 19 hours, and it is dark only little over an hour in the night.


  1. They are very nice, will show mine when the churndashes are ready

  2. 2 very nice blocks,Ulla;so glad to see the two sewn together! Lovely steps in the snow and soon spring is all around us :-)

  3. Well spend energy! Lovely blocks.
    Poor you having more snow, though it does look beautiful with the prints.

  4. This project makes me smile. Sorry about your new snow. Will you use the stitching pattern in a future project?

  5. ooooooh this is very nice Ulla..
    You have done wonderful job stitching !! New snow now ?? Ok it will go away fast I guess. I heard we will have warm winds from Portugal soon, that sounds great and I hope some of it will make its way to you Ulla ;-))

  6. Scandinavian Christmas is such a nice design, I finished my one before last Christmas, you can see it on my blog :) Your blocks look so well stitched.

  7. This stitchery is just so charming - and still fitting for the weather you have outside! You can send lots of that daylight over here - our first day of Spring looks more like winter, too!

  8. The blocks look wonderful. The footprints are so clear. I'm thinking the snow was wet and sticky to have such a clear track.
    Our days are getting shorter by minutes not days. Enjoy the light!!

  9. Happy first day of Spring Ulla! Can't believe it's so snowy where you are...I forget that it's still very cold in some parts of the world. The pheasant tracks are so cool to see!

  10. Dein Scandinavian Christmas ist ein sehr hübsches Muster...und du bist ja sooo fleissig! Congratulations. Ich bin im Moment nur fleissig im Garten ;-) ! Der Frühling zeigt sich in allen Ecken, aber in den Bergen haben wir auch erneut Schnee bekommen (30cm diese Woche!).
    Ein erholsames Wochenende wünsche ich dir und sende liebe Grüsse

  11. Well done Ulla, I think the 2nd block is my fav of all the blocks. You have done a wonderful job. Sorry I missed this post before.


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