Thursday, 26 April 2012

Munich in Spring

Today I will take you on a walk in Munich. Mr. K and I visited his sister in this area last week, and while she was busy with her studies, we enjoyed a day in the city. On the S-Bahn we met a big party of people dressed in Tracht, their traditional costume. I tried to take a picture, but they were in a hurry to get to the Cathedral on time for a First Communion. I love the long skirts of the ladies, worn with pretty aprons and short jackets. In my next post you will see some of the men's clothes a little closer.

This is where they were going, to the Frauenkirche behind the houses:

From the train we walked to Viktualienmarkt. It is a large farmers' market with all kinds of specialities. If you are interested, there is a lot of information in the link.

It is asparagus season, many stalls had this delicious treat beautifully displayed. Guess what I made for lunch today? Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce and prosciutto.

Fruit and vegetables.

Ornaments made of dried flowers and fruit.

Meat and sausages - the regulations must be different here where the meat is on the table and not cooled. The shops around this market had meat hanging in their window too.

There are six memorial fountains for folk singers and comedians around the market place, all donated by citizens of Munich. This one is for Liesl Karlstadt.

One of the many beer restaurants.

Turning back to the city

where we needed to sit down for tea/coffee and Apfelstrudel mit Eis und Sahne:

Rested and nourished we walked on to visit the Hunting and Fishing Museum.

The bronze boar

 and wels catfish, both about their natural size, guarded the entrance.

Inside the museum we concentrated on the fishing gear from stone age to early 20th century. We have been here before, so we skipped the hunting department. We had perfect timing: it rained while we were in, but it had stopped by the time we came out.

On the way back to the sister's home we noticed this lawn covered in tiny flowers.

I had to have a closer look. Veronica!

Next time I'll take you to something different, and show my latest finish which is just one block of the Scandinavian Christmas.


  1. Thanks for sharing your travel photos. It's always good to see other places and get a feel for the local culture and customs.

  2. i enjoyed your walk thru the market, thankyou

  3. Lovely walk in Munich,thanks for showing us! Must have been a nice visit. I love Apfelstrudle,Eis and Sehne too:-)
    Looking forward to seeing the SC!

  4. Thanks for the tour, looks like a great trip! That apfelstrudel looks yummy!

  5. Sweet tour, the buildings are very interesting, as well as the market, and the flowers in the grass. The best part, I didn't have to pay. Thank you, Ulla.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful walk of Munich...
    Traveling is one favorite doings but I have never been to Munich ..
    I have also admired you Scandinavian Christmas block in your previous post !!

  7. I love old churches and cathedrals and how I would love to stroll the outdoor markets. People watching while having tea and dessert would be a fun thing to do in an unfamiliar city. Thank you for sharing the tour.

  8. Such a wonderful tour, Ulla! The farmer's market looks like a sheer delight - those meats are calling both Mr. Squash and I as is the fishing and hunting museum! Looks like you had a lovely time! Can't wait for the next installment!

  9. What a wonderful place to visit. The architecture is so interesting. I read the link.

    Such a magnificent boar. I am reading all the Grim fairy tales at the moment. I think he ought to be in one of them. LOL

    Thank you Ulla for sharing.

  10. What a lovely impression of Munich! Not the usual tourist things.
    I would have loved to share the Apfelstrudel with you!

  11. What lovely photos! Can you believe I've been to Germany twice and have never been to Munich? I seem to gravitate toward Bavaria....

    Thanks for the walk around that great city?

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing the pictures!!


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