Thursday 9 August 2012

One finish and lots of gifts

This week the Tour blanket was finished at last. It is bigger than I thought it would be, as my squares refused to be 20 cm as instructed. No sewn seams here, I have picked the stitches for a new square on the side of an existing one, and knitted two squares together at the end of each row of a new square.

This week has been a Very Nice Mail Week. First came the 100th Houseelf blog post giveaway mail from Melanie: a bright tea towel, a rainbow coloured lavender bag, a Kaffe Fasset tissue holder and some special teas and sweets.

Today I received another parcel from her, from her summer trips she has been showing on her blog. Coal tar soap and mustard bath to keep me clean and my toes warm when the winter comes. I'm not old enough to have lived in the war time, not to speak of the time of the Bronte sisters, but Melanie and I have read old books together and she makes the world of the Swallows and Amazons real for me with products that have been there already at their time. Thank you, Melanie!

Today's mail brought me another surprise, a parcel from Simone. I had admired her zakka projects, and she sent me a hand made ribbon:

Beautiful thoughts! The ribbon is hanging by my sewing machine already. She also sent me a cheese cutter for young cheese - we are comparing models, it seems! Thank you, Simone!

There have been very little birds in our yard during the summer, they live in the woods and find their food there. They don't have time for songs either, they are too busy raising their families. Mr. K found something different, a slow-worm, when he was clearing something in the yard. This reptile has been called brass snake because of its beautiful brass or copper colour. It is not a snake, but a lizard.


  1. The knitted blanket turned out so nicely. I love anything that doesn't have to be sewn up once the pieces are done.
    You got some really lovely, useful things in the mail. What a nice surprise.

  2. Great knitted blanket! And such lovely surprises for you in the post. Everytime I see a cheese cutter I will be thinking of you Ulla (: do you have the cheese cutter grater?

  3. PS: how can the 'snake'. Not be a snake?

  4. Beautiful knitted blanket, well done there. Mine aren't strictly 20cm either, always a bit over or a bit under and i count ridges so that they match the number of stitches so it's not exactly square either, but easier to stitch or knit together.

  5. Got to try blanket as gifts, looking like good approach.

  6. I love the bold blocks of your blanket. You definitely had a good mail day. Melanie and Simone are very thoughtful and so giving. That definitely looks like a slithery snake.

  7. Lovely presents;lucky you:-) Great blanket as well. Hate snakes/lizzards, so I`m closing my eyes!!! Happy Quilting,Ulla!

  8. Yikes - snake or no, I prefer to stand a long ways away from slithery things! Love your blanket - so bright and bold. You can wrap up in it as you watch next year's Tour! What wonderful and thoughtful gifts, too!

  9. Ooo amazing to see a slow worm! Yes they are leg-less lizards. Amazing!

    Well done with the blanket. It looks so snuggly.

    Glad you liked the bits. What lovely presents from Simone.

  10. Die hübsche Decke wird bald - wenn es kälter wird - schön warm geben. Wir haben auch ab und zu eine Blindschleiche im Garten. Als ich eine zum ersten Mal sah, bin ich erschrocken. Mag nicht unbedingt Schlangenähnliche Reptilien. Wenn man so viele nette Ueberraschungen im Briefkasten vorfindet, hat man fast das Gefühl von Weihnachten ;-) ! Ist doch toll, wenn liebe Freunde auf diese Weise an einem denken.
    Herzliche Grüsse von einer bei 34°C schwitzenden Barbara.


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