Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rows of the week and some spring pictures

This week I have been making mugs and Flying Geese. My geese are flying North now in Spring. We have seen some migrating cranes and geese. It is always something special when you see such big birds. My fabric geese are tiny and a bit blurry because I didn't think too much when choosing the fabrics.
I had to make some left-handed mugs as well. This quilt in progress is last year's row-along by Bee in my Bonnet, and I'm using mostly recycled fabrics and leftover scraps from dressmaking. Here are my six first rows. Next week I'll be raking leaves and knitting mittens!

Within the last few days our birches have dressed in light green lace. It looks so lovely after the long, long winter. Even the wind sounds softer now.
Wild white anemones cover the forest ground. The perfect pretty flowers to pick for Mother's Day tomorrow. When I was little, we used to pick the blue ones, liverwort, if they were out, because that's what was growing in our nick of the country.

I planted some Anemone Hepatica from my childhood home last summer in our yard, and I hope they will thrive here. Now the flowers are very pale, but if you look close enough and click for a bigger photo, you can just see a few of them. 

Mr. Pied Flycatcher is guarding his new home. It looks like many of our birdhouses have nest builders at work. Mrs. Flycatcher chose Silver Birch wallpapers for this house.

Our first daffodils are out! The little ones are Tete-à-Tete daffodils from my hanging flowerpot from last year of the year before. I buy them for Easter already in bloom, and when the snow is gone I plant them in the garden.


  1. Your quilt is coming along so nicely Ulla. Have more fun and happy sewing to you !
    I am not home for the moment and there is almost no sewing happening here... I am at rehabilitation with lots of exercise and fresh air. This way I hope to stay as a working woman ;-) I hope you understand the meaning of my saying :-)

  2. Those mugs are great. I can see the design working well as coffee mats. I think the quilt is going to look wonderful.

    Aww nesting already! You must be so proud! The flowers look beautiful in the woods. I think your weather is catching up fast.

  3. It's so lovely to experience spring another time with my blogger friends. Thanks for sharing, Ulla. Your wild flowers are very pretty.
    Love your mugs, too.

  4. Lovely quilt to be,Ulla, nice 6 rows of Bee in my Bonnet, you are good using old fabrics! Love the flowers, our blue Anemones are not out yet,but picked some white ones today, our yellow ones are almost gone. So very late Spring this year.
    Pretty little bird :))

  5. You almost have a quilt, Ulla! I love the interest from the recycled fabric ! How nice to see spring in your area! I know how extra special it is for you after a long winter. So glad you have new boarders in Mr. K's wonderful houses!

  6. I love the rows that you have done so far for your quilt Ulla...very nice and colourful! I have also enjoyed seeing the photographs of the plants in your garden :-)

  7. I love how you added left handed mugs. Not everyone is right handed. :o) A very belated Happy Mother's Day. Mother Nature does Spring very nicely.

  8. The cups are fun. Your Spring is very regal all silver. The leaves are turning slowly and winter is very slow in arriving this year. Not that the season we call winter is much like winter.

    happy knitting next week.


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