Monday, 16 September 2013

Greetings from Britain and two new CO finishes

The holiday is over and I bring you greetings from London and Oxford. I took my daughter on the trip and she was a wonderful guide and source of information in London. Before the trip I created something new for the Craft Olympics. We have a saying about something coming up like mushrooms on rainy weather. Like this:

... and suddenly there are some chanterelles too...

... and before you notice the toadstools have popped up. This is my finish for the New Category of the Craft Olympics, my own designs in crochet and knitting.

For the Special Category I sewed a little rucksack with a zipper in the front
and another zipper in the back for another pocket, and adjustable straps.

The craftiest part of our trip was this fence in Oxford, with lovely pieces of knitted and crocheted graffiti art.

Can you guess how we got to see this, and C.S.Lewis' and J.R.R.Tolkien's favourite pub, and the place where Inspector Morse used to sit and have beer, and the Ashmolean Museum and many other places? We had an experienced guide with local inside information, and many of my dear readers have enjoyed her guided tours in different parts of Britain and other places. Did you guess her name already? It was Melanie, and she tailored us an all day program based on our interests, and came all the way from home to her old home town  to meet us. My next post will cover the first part of our stay in London, but we'll come back to Oxford after that.
Meanwhile, Autumn has arrived to our part of Finland. The leaves are turning red and yellow, and I look forward to sunny days with cool, clear air and fresh wind.


  1. The mushrooms are adorable! It took me a moment to realize they were not real! How lucky to spend time with Melanie! I enjoy her tour posts and you got to experience one first hand!!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time away with your daughter. Those mushrooms are very lifelike and I like the idea of a 'hidden' pocket on the backpack.

  3. You have made beautiful things and your trip sounds so nice, Ulla.

  4. Love your mushrooms especially the red one even though I know I should not eat them..
    Melanie is the sweetest lady :-)
    Oxford must have been something very special !!
    I am off to London in the begining of October. My Husband are going to join London Half maraton and I have an apointment in a SPA paid by someone who wants me well , hi hi.. ( No not my husband)

  5. Enjoy your trip Ulla and thanks for sharing some photos with us. I love the rucksack and the little mushrooms too.
    Hugs, Jan

  6. Love your mushrooms, Ulla! What a great trip to make, bet it was nice meeting Melanie again:-)

  7. Wonderful mushrooms, Ulla, and the bag is so useful and pretty! I think you deserve a gold medal for these! How exciting to have seen the pub where Chief Inspector Morse tossed back a beer and solved murders :>) I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  8. Thank you so much for the mushrooms Ulla. They have joined the pumpkins in the mantle piece. What a wonderful pattern you have invented! The rucksack is gorgeous too. I have it by my side at the moment. Your attention to detail is amazing. Thank you for them all. It was so special to meet up again.


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