Friday, 16 May 2014

New quilt top, socks and a pheasant story

The strings in the wind have grown into a quilt top. I took your advice and kept the other colours to a minimum. Next step is to find a free floor space to make the layers, and quilt it. Luckily this is not a very large quilt.

A new pair of Train socks, this time for the Red Cross. I have knitted at least one pair per month for the Järvenpää babies as well, but I often forget to take a picture before giving them away. Anyway, they all look the same, just different yarns. Here I used two little rest balls of baby sock wool. One pair only takes 38 g  of yarn.

One day I happened to look at the little rock just outside our yard, and I noticed someone had brought a mossy stone on top of the rock.

I looked closer (through the camera lens) and saw that it was a pheasant cock fast asleep!

He must have heard me or felt that I was watching, because he opened his eyes...

... and stood up, looking around as if to see if anyone noticed ...

... and then he stretched his neck and let everyone hear his "song", flapping his wings.

"What, no applause?"

Some days later I caught him hammering our cellar window, where his rival and enemy is lurking every time he comes to check. He also fights back, every time!

We were just 15 inches apart, only separated by a dirty window. I think I need to tape a newspaper on the glass to make the mirror image disappear.



  1. Those are great photos of the pheasant. I love the little socks and the quilt turned out very nice indeed. You have been busy.

  2. Ihana fasaani. Mutta ihan erilainen väritykseltään, kuin Stadin fasaanit. Meidän nurkilla on vuosikausia ollut faseaaneja. sivulla on esimerkki meidän nurkkien fasaanista. Kuparin värinen ja vihreä pää ja valkoinen seppel. Rääkyminen kuuluu korttelikaupalla, mutta komea lintu on.

  3. Hieno tilkkupinta, jännittävä nähdä, miten sen tikkaat. Ja komea on lintukin :)

  4. I love those socks, purple and I are best friends. Your one busy lady and that is good. I remember hunting pheasant while living in Ohio.Take care. Hugs, Marie

  5. Magnificent pictures of the pheasant,how great to see it with your own eyes! Love your new quilt, good luck further on. So sweet socks you have knitted :-)

  6. Your socks are so pretty - love the color. The pheasant is gorgeous and you go some really good photos of him. He's very different from what we have here. He's a beautiful bird!! Hugs!

  7. Oh, Ulla, what a beauty - love your socks, too. That bird is amazing. Looks like a color study. (They say all the good quilts have a bit of red in them... so does he.) I think he's looking for a mate, and fighting off any rivals. (We've seen wild turkeys sparring with themselves in the windows of an office building.) Love that you share your bird pictures with us.

  8. Your photos of the pheasant bring back lots of happy childhood memories. Thank you.
    You have done with both the socks and the quilt. Nothing wasted and beautiful resuults.

  9. Strings in the wind is restful with your color choices. I wonder how many pairs of socks you'll have knitted. Such a gorgeous pheasant and how terrific he let you get so close.

  10. Isn't he handsome! I wonder if you were cooking something that smelled good to him! He's so much bigger than the one we had in our yard. The quilt is going to be fantastic - I understand first hand about having little room for such a large quilt! The baby socks are so pretty I think I'd like to wear them ;>)

  11. You are so kind making all those socks for tiny toes. Beautiful colours on your pheasant. I find bird colours so inspirational.


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