Saturday, 23 May 2015

Change of view, new hexagons and tiny hats

This used to be the view from our kitchen door until mid May.

 And this is the same view some days later.

The young trees were growing so close to another that it was not easy to walk among them.

The trunks were left lying there, so a walk will be even more difficult, but we have much more light in our yard now.

For my daughter's quilt I made six new flowerbeds to replace the frayed ones. I saved some of the middle hexagons. These blocks are in place now, but when sewing them I found two blue hexagons that needed replacing too. Luckily I found a hexagon in the exact same fabric among the leftovers of this quilt, and one fabric that will do. I'm doing the hand quilting over the new blocks now.

The Giro d'Italia cycling tour has reached stage 14 today. I have been knitting these hats for newborns to be donated to the maternity ward of our local hospital, and it seems I have finished one hat per stage. We don't watch the whole race, but even a couple of hours in front of the TV doesn't feel so wasted when I can show the bag filling with hats. The Giro has 21 stages, and so does the Tour de France in July, and the Vuelta d'Espagna in August. 63 little hats sounds like a nice goal!

On Thursday night we had the first little thunder of the season, and after it a perfect rainbow.


  1. What a great way to use your time watching the race. I suppose you are using up a lot of little bits of yarn. I'm glad that you are able to repair that quilt and give it new life. It will be very much appreciated by Kaija.
    Getting rid of some small saplings makes way for thicker growth underneath. I'm still waiting for our big rain shower - the grass isn't doing too well.

  2. I think the light shining from the trees makes it feel more airy. You definitely do no have idle hands...the babies/moms/hospital will certainly be appreciative of your busy hands and giving heart. Rainbows are the reward for storms.

  3. Ihania kuvia keväisestä metsästä ja aivan ihana sateenkaari:) Hienoja myssyjä!

  4. I would think of the race as being an accompaniment to your busy hands. I'm sure the quilt is lovely and loved. The baby hats will be welcome by the hospital I'm sure.

  5. Love seeing the rainbow! Your little baby hats are precious too. I am very partial to the grandmothers flower garden and it is so nice that your able to fix it. I hope your doing well. I have missed reading the blogs for a while. Hugs, Marie

  6. Hi Ulla! I've spent some time catching up with your posts. For some reason you got dropped from my feed! I see the time since I was last here that you've done some wonderful crafting from repairing quilts, to knitting socks and caps and even a bit of adventuring out! Your forest looks so pretty and yes, much more walkable! Did Mr. K do all that? What a lovely rainbow, too. I'm sure you're looking forward to much warmer weather coming your way soon. I hope all is well with you both!


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