Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hi, I'm back

It has been three months. Three months of Winter and ice and snow and sleet and rain and slippery roads and pavements. Three months of short days and long nights. Three months with my new knee, too. The beginning was painful and scary, but after two weeks in rehab at the end on January and beginning of February I have felt like I have a new, great knee. Rehab may sound like I had other issues than a not cooperating knee, but it really was like a physio therapy camp for elderly people. I had a nice young physio therapist who encouraged me to bend the new knee just a little beyond the intolerable limit, and she praised my courage for every fracture of an inch. I had my own program to follow in the warm pool, and another for the gym. After those two weeks I could leave the crutches and my old granny square stick and just walk. Even walk up and down the stairs again, to the PC and the sewing machine.

While I have been away from my blog, I have still been busy with some projects. This is a quilt I made for our dear grandson for his first Christmas:

A detail of the dog in the middle, made with some wool fabric and my usual recycled fabrics. I changed the original pattern a little by adding some background fabric and sashings.

After finishing this quilt I was only able to concentrate on lap projects. I filled my stash with various sock yarns and started knitting socks, one pair after another, two socks at a time.

Different sizes,

different patterns,

for men and women,

bedsocks too,

and otherwise girly socks. All the socks I knitted for Christmas are on the iPad and not my camera, but I think you all know by now what socks look like. I enjoyed experimenting with new ways to cast on or turn the heel, and I used knitting patterns from sweaters or mittens to knit new socks.

At the beginning of February all our snow was gone, we had several days of rain and above zero temperatures. On the 12th it turned colder and started to snow, and since that we have had more snowy days, cold nights and sunny days too. This is the time of winter sport holidays in our schools, and it means skiing and ice skating and enjoying the lighter, longer days and the winter at the same time.


  1. Glad you're nearly dancing in the streets again! Wow you're a knitting Queen with those piles of cozy socks. What a super cute dog quilt and I love how you added your own special touches. I'm sure your grandson will be dragging this quilt around with him for years and be comforted by the cozy hug from his grandma. Nice to "see" you again.

  2. So good to see you here again, Ulla! Love the dog quilt you made for your grandson. Such a special present. And all those feet that are covered by your beautiful socks.
    The snow you have now looks like a real winter.

  3. Nice to see you blogging again. The quilt is a very nice size and will be useful for years to come. I'm amazed at the amount of knitting you've been doing. Well done.

  4. Welcome back! It's great to hear from you again and that your knee replacement went well.

  5. You have been busy! Lovely quilt and socks, still much needed ;-)
    Good news about you knee,

  6. So good to see, that you're back again and doing well with your new knee. And scrolling back your posts, I see that you've had a very diligent period with all the socks you made, mittens and the beautiful quilt for your little grandson. However take care and don't do too much sport :-) !!
    Happy Spring,


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