Saturday 8 October 2016

Knitter's Block

This is my newest pair of socks, honey coloured honeycomb socks among autumn coloured bilberry leaves.

I like to spray the finished socks with water and stretch them out to dry to make my stitches look smoother and the pattern more visible.

My dear, clever Mr K. made me sock blocks in three sizes, and now the socks get a new, almost professional look.

Earlier this week we visited our DD Kaija and brought her some old things, and she designed and printed nice price tags for all my new socks and mittens. It was good to see her, and a lovely trip through beautiful landscapes, with the trees still in their autumn colours in bright sunshine.

Since my last post I have been busy with two more blocks for the Splendid Sampler quilt.

I'm again three blocks behind, but the ones I have waiting are all nice ones.

Our nights are cold by this time of the year so the morning temperatures are just around the freezing point.

Brassica and Calluna have replaced my summer annuals. It is time to cut down the perennials in the flowerbeds. All apples are cooked for the winter, I'm quite proud of my new record of 112 jars. They should last until next summer.


  1. Very clever Mr. K. Love the honeycomb design. The blue and gold make beautiful pairs and a so striking against the autumn leaves. The brown in your first block looks textured, like corduroy. :o) How nice to visit your daughter and enjoy the drive. I'm impressed at 112 jars of apple goodness. It'll be a tasty Winter for sure.

  2. The sox are a family enterprise. Everyone is using their skills to make lovely finished sox.. The garden is looking nice and soooooo many apples preserved for winter. I know you have always lived with cold but it seems early for freezing to me.
    The quilt blocks are coming along and it is always nice to add a few personal choices.

    Enjoy the change of seasons and autumn colours.

  3. Such a clever mr. K! And you are really catching up again! 112 jars. Incredible! That must have been A LOT of work. An apple jar a day ... Are you going to show us the tags your daughter made?


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