Tuesday, 26 November 2019

New Quilts, Good Bye Splendid Sampler

Back in 2016/17 I was struggling with the Splendid Sampler QAL, making two new blocks every week. Or at least almost so. Here are some of my 100 blocks waiting for assembly.

Mid March the same year I had managed to create two halves of a king size quilt, each with 10 rows of 5 blocks, and borders on three sides. I was hoping to quilt it like that on my own machine, but the task seemed overwhelming, and so the top halves found their place at the bottom of my unfinished quilt tops.

Finally this Autumn the idea came to me to make smaller quilts by some rearranging of blocks and making new borders. This was the bottom left corner with one vertical row rearranged to make the quilt rather long than wide, 4 x 5 blocks, and a new border in brown added.

Top left corner 5 x 6 blocks as it was, with original borders added where there were none.

Bottom right 5 x 6 blocks of the original arrangement, just borders added to match the existing ones.

And finally the top right corner with similar changes as in the other smaller quilt.

These four lap size quilts joined the Paper Dolls quilt to keep people warm when they go out in wheelchairs or just want to take a rest and feel the nice flannel backing and look at the pictures of cupcakes and coffee cups, flip flops and flowers, and pincushions and sewing machines, and all kinds of stars.

It feels good to have this finished, and to have done it in a practical way, all materials from my stash and no problems with the quilting.


  1. Your SS blocks are lovely and what a fantastic idea to make them into four great quilts that will be loved and used by special folk...

  2. That was a great idea to split the blocks, it would had been such a shame not to finish it at all; it is always very satisfying to finish a project, and you have finished more than one!

  3. Congratulations Ulla on your finishes and your solution. Now you have beautiful finished quilts to donate which will be treasured instead of the regret of a large UFO in the cupboard.xx

  4. Puuh! On tuossa ollut hommaa. Hyvin päätit ja sait valmiiksi neljä kaunista peittoa ja mikä tärkeintä, sait suuren keskeneräisen valmiiksi "nelinkertaisena" ja varastoa tyhjemmäksi.

  5. I have found that sometimes, when we are stuck, it takes a bit of thinking to come to a solution. Your quilts will most definitely warm several people in the future. The shadow effect really frames each block.


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