Wednesday 11 August 2021

Project Rescue Dog Quilt

When our first grandson was a baby, I made him this quilt with 15 different dog faces.

It has been used for sleep and play, with the family's dog and a second grandson involved. It looks like some of the play has been rough: 

Just a little rough for some dogs.

But almost fatal to this one.

I still had the pattern Dog Gone Cute, so I decided to replace the three damaged blocks and use stronger fabrics this time.

It was easy to remove the blocks because I had only stitched around the blocks. This has caused the fabric hanging a bit loose, so I decided to stitch around each dog too, on every block.

Here they are again, ready for new adventures!


  1. It is so nice to see that quilts are loved and used but it’s great you could fix it so it can live a little longer……

  2. Kivasti korjattu ja rakas peitto on taas käyttökunnossa. Vuoden käsityöteemaan on paikkaa, parsi ja korjaa, olet siis ihan ajantasalla;)


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