Monday 25 October 2021

Same again

My doings seem to be a repeat of the same things over and over. I have been busy doing them so that there was no time to take photos. but here you have almost two months' worth dolls and socks, as usual. Five new dolls are waiting to be taken to Villa Cooper.

A new version of Emil and Ida, the first ones sold in a short time so I hope there are other Astrid Lindgren fans just waiting for their dolls.

For a long time I have been wanting to make a granny doll, and now she is here. I wanted her to have soft pink or salmon colored silky jersey knickers but I didn't have any of that material left. When digging deeper in my stash I found the perfect alternative: leftover bits of Rhovylon jersey, an early technical fiber  recommended for rheumatic people. Granny is very happy with the warm comfort.

A new hobby horse enthusiast, with improved riding pants.

And finally a flower dress girl with burgundy hair. This makes 99 dolls for Unicef  I have made over the years. The next one will be a custom order of a cyclist with tan lines and bruises, I have promised to get her ready for Christmas.

Speaking about custom orders, these three pairs of socks were knitted for a friend and will be Christmas gifts for her friends in the USA.

Small and sweet in alpaca yarn. The color is actually a lovely pale pink but the lightning makes it look almost dirty.

Large in normal sock wool quality.

And extra large and extra warm with the rest of the white yarn together with some grey.

Because I like to use up rest yarns, I knitted these mittens with the remaining grey yarn and a bit of dark red for the Latvian braid at the cuff. I just wanted to try if I can make that.

The rest of the pale pink alpaca yarn was all I needed for this pair of baby socks.

And finally, I had some baby merino wool left over from the chemo hats I knitted two years ago. The pink yarn is now a pair of knee high baby socks.

Number of finishes since my last post: five dolls, five pairs of socks and one pair of mittens. Number of quilts worked on: zero. I meant to be busy with some unfinished projects but got carried away with these instead. 


  1. Ihania nukkeja ja kauniit neulomukset!

    1. Kiitos, nuken teko käy joskus ihan vauhdilla, mutta kyllä niihin aina työtunteja uppoaa.

  2. WOW, 99 dolls fantastic… your 5 new ones are lovely and I’m sure granny loves her warm underwear.
    Beautiful socks and mittens .

  3. Such pretty and precious dolls and your socks and mittens are amazing. Beautiful work.


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