Sunday 21 August 2022

Orange jars and leaves

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge's colour for August is orange. After a search in my yellow stash I found a scrap of bright orange, suitable for a couple of jars of cloud berries.

With some imagination we could count these maple leaves for orange as well, don't you think?

It has been unusually hot for this time of the year, so I have spent more time indoors with books or my sewing machine. Our three old apple trees have been full of little green apple babies, but with the strong winds lately we have had apples raining from the trees. Mr K. has picked them for a friend who takes them out to the forest to feed deer, so they are not wasted. I only need a little to make baked apples with custard, and some apple pies in September, when the apples are ready for eating. 


  1. Lovely orange jars , like the lids fabric. Nice maple leaves 🍁 too.
    Sad the apples fell before Thayer ready but pleased they could be used.
    Maria Lifeontheblock.

  2. Cute jars! The striped fabric is perfect for the lids. And yes, you should definitely count the Maple Leaf blocks as orange. But baked apples with custard? YUM!

  3. Luv the mason jar blocks,the maple leaf is an old classic that never grows old,get job on both blocks!

  4. I count it all under orange, nice use of orange color. It was so hot here too, that I have not even been in the garden for weeks. Cooling down now.

  5. I like your orange jars! :-) The apple harvest might not be so good here, there just wasn't enough water this summer, and the fruit is splitting.


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