Wednesday 5 October 2022

Autumn's Joys

Finally the Autumn quilt is quilted, bound, washed, re-washed and delivered! Autumn's Joys is the name I gave it. In my previous post I told the story behind the rows of blocks.

Washed, you may wonder. Yes, I wanted to be sure the colours would not bleed, and washed the finished quilt (stupidly enough) in cold water to save energy. What I had feared, happened: the red apples from the top end bled, and I didn't even notice it before the quilt had been drying over night. I did what I thought was right, and washed the quilt again, but in hot water and with a colour catcher, and to my big relief all the white was bright again and all stains were gone.

I had some problems with the machine quilting, the needle thread formed loops on the reverse when I crossed multiple layers. I unpicked the worst, but decided to leave the small loops of  some few stitches.

This quilt was delivered today to Villa Cooper and is for sale for the Finnish Red Cross' Disaster Relief Fund to help in Ukraine.

Like always, I have been busy knitting in the evenings. Five pairs of wool sock and two pairs of mittens are waiting for the cold days of Autumn and Winter. With the energy costs going rapidly up, it is necessary to drop room temperatures, and wool socks will be our way to stay comfortable.



  1. So good that you could the red out of the lovely "Autumn's Joy" and the donate it to sell and raise money for Ukraine.
    Gorgeous baskets of socks and mittens...

  2. Nice finished fall quilt. Love the different rows. We all will need socks this winter, heating costs are getting sky high.

  3. Wow, a bit of luck with your quilt washing! It is looking very nice, well done :-)

  4. Sulla onkin jo hyvä varasto lämpöisiä neuleita. Mulla nyt yhdet paksummat sukat kotikäyttöön. Ohuitahan käytän jatkuvasti. Ihania lankoja on kyllä varastossa lapasia varten, pitäis vaan saada silmukat luotua niin kyllä ne sitten valmistuvat.


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