Saturday, 21 August 2010

Holiday adventure

This summer I have had a secret project going on for several weeks, and I was almost bursting not being able to say a word about it. But yesterday Melanie received her parcel and I can let my little friend Dick tell his own story.

Hello everyone, my name is Dick Callum and I'm the younger one of the D's in Swallows and Amazons. I'm interested in bird protection as a Coot Club member, mining and astronomy, among other things.
Mr. Kotkarankki made me glasses with some copper wire and his soldering iron, because I can't see much without them.

He also showed me a pigeon's egg shell that had mysteriously appeared on the  foot path he is paving.

On August 10th Mr. Kotkarankki and Auntie Ulla took me along to their holiday in Eastern Finland 30° 27' 08 E
63° 23' 28 N. I packed my rucksack and was ready to go!

In the mornings we had oat porridge with blueberry sauce.

Then Mr. K and Mr. M took me out on the lake in a rowing boat.

I borrowed Mr. K's binoculars to see the birds better.

This is the best picture I have of a diver. Is it a Red-breasted merganser? I think it was a female with three juveniles. They dived up the rapid.

This is Larus fuscus fuscus, Lesser black-backed Gull with black wings and back. Northern species.

We found an empty bird's nest in the woodshed.

Living outdoors makes a healthy appetite so between the proper meals we had coffee with slices of sweet wheat bread called pulla. This is the cooking shelter where we had all the meals except evening tea at 10 in the cabin.

At 10 it was too dark to fish - or watch birds - so everyone went to bed. I was sleeping in Auntie Ulla's top bunk wrapped in my blanket.

The trip only lasted 4 days and 3 nights, and after returning home I had to pack my things again.

I'm finally going to be with my sister Dorothea, who has been staying with Auntie Melanie for  almost 5 months already. Auntie Ulla sends her love to both of them. It feels good to go home, and I think Auntie Melanie will let us have some adventures on holidays too. She is not a normal adult, says Dot. Oh this sounds bad, I mean  she has a sense of adventure and humour. Dot had a nicer way of saying it, but I mean it is easy to love her, and she will not be mad at us very easily.


  1. He's quite a cute fellow! You bring such life into his face and those glasses are perfect. Having read Melanie's post I know he his loved in his new home.

  2. Oh, he is adorable! I love him and his photo shoot!

  3. SEWWWW cute!! You are having Way too much fun!
    Take care!!

  4. Dear Auntie Ulla, I have camped out in the craft room here in a new sleepiing bag with the blanket over the 2 of us. It was lovely having long chats with Dorothea in the dark. She has been telling me that I will go to the Lake District and fly the Coot Club flag there but that Auntie Melanie is very forgetful about these important things so we must remind her.


  5. Adorable fellow! I just love his glasses and all his nice outfits!
    You should introduce him to Harry Potter-they could be friends and play tricks on people because they look a lot alike.

  6. How sweet he is Ulla, you are amazing .. He will have great home at Melanie s. Take care!

  7. He's adorable! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his adventures. What a fun outing he had with you! :)
    Your pictures are sooo cute!

  8. How wonderful that Dick got to go camping with you before joining his sister! He looks as though he had a wonderful time and could see so well with Mr. K's handmade glasses! I'm sure he is quite happy now being reunited in England with Dorthea!

  9. He is so cute! I love his hair and glasses, he sure reminds me of Harry Potter, too. A lovely adventure in pictures!

  10. Dein kleines Kerlchen sieht ja wirklich allerliebst gleicht sogar einem meiner ehemaligen Schüler :-) ! Er war auch ein kleiner Entdecker und Forscher. Du könntest mit deinen wunderbar gemachten Puppen richtige Fotostories machen :-) !!
    Liebe Grüsse,

  11. Oh, Ulla, this is perfect! What a cute fellow and so well prepared for the trip. Didn't he join you this year? I am sure he wants to join you someday again. Maybe this time with his sister.


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