Sunday, 1 August 2010

Stash Use Report of July, soft-brained sewing part 2

It is time to look back at July and see the changes in my stash. I made several visits to fabric shops, and I even bought some fabric on the internet. That was 1.5 m, two secret fabrics. Then I bought 0.3 m of striped flannel for another secret project to be revealed in August. In Turku on the wedding anniversary trip I bought 0.75 m of green flannel, and I have already used it for another secret project you will see in September. Then I needed 2.9 m of solid green cotton for the backing of a secret quilt which will be revealed next month too. Finally I bought 1.5 m of unbleached calico for the Raggedy & Friends BOM project by the Painted Quilt. That adds up to 6.95 m of new fabrics. I also bought 1 m of upholstery fabric for our kitchen chairs, but I don't count it a) because it didn't go to stash, I used it immediately, and b) it wasn't for sewing, I used a stapler. Here it is:

At first I thought I have hardly sewn anything last month, but look at my list:
- finishing the Unicef dolls and their clothes: 0.5 m all from stash
- Between Charming Friends quilt: 3.5 m scraps and backing all from stash
- soft-brained summer dress 1.3 m, all from stash
- the secret green flannel project: 1.75 m in all, 1 m of which from stash

I have used 7.05 m fabrics, so in spite of all the new fabrics my stash was reduced by 10 cm, 4 whole inches.

The summer dress didn't finish smoothly. I managed to sew the wrong side of the zipper to the dress at first so the reverse of the zipper was visible on the right side of the dress. I went to wash my face with cold water and got the zipper right with the second try. After that I thought is best to baste the bodice hem in place before top stitching around the bodice.
This July has been the warmest ever in Finland. The last two days have been pleasantly closer to 25 C than the record 37 C. I'm looking forward to cooler days with a clearer head and more energy for crafty things.


  1. I think if I were make any clothes, let alone something with a zipper, I need lots of cold splashes on my face! :o) Pretty seat cushions. We've had a hot summer but our winter and spring were very mild so I can't complain too much.

  2. Wow!! You got a lot accomplished in July and in record temperatures too!! So when do we see pictures of you modeling your new dress??

  3. It is very good to see that someone else can buy some stuff too. But July has been very good for me , not too many buyings;-))
    Take care and have fun..

  4. I like your dress. It looks perfect for the hot, hot days this summer.

  5. I'm glad your temperatures are a lot more moderate. There is something draining about hot weather.

  6. I guess a 4 inch reduction in your stash is better than nothing! Oh yes - stapling is definitely not sewing - too bad we can't "get away" with that for quilting - lol! I think I'll try that cold face wash next time I'm in a pickle, too!

  7. LOL-a stash reduction of 4 inches-way to go!

    I always think I'm going to reduce my stash and then I have nothing suitable for a back and there goes that idea. :)

    Have you worn the dress yet? I bed you'll just love it-it looks so nice and cool.

    I think it's cool here when it's 37C. 40C to 41C is our usual-44 our extreme...its been extreme a few times this summer.


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