Monday 26 July 2010

Soft-brained sewing

This July has been HOT until last Saturday, when we had a cool and windy day with some rain and only 16 C (60F), but on Sunday the wind changed and the temperature jumped up again. The upstairs sewing room is unbearably hot.

This is all I have been able to sew, a summer dress for me with a pattern from DD's Japanese book. The heat has softened my brain so that at first I sewed two left shoulder parts. I unsewed the one on the right and turned it (they are cut on the fold and look the same on the inside and the outside). On it went again and I looked at my work. This time it was nicely sewn with the back part on the front and front shoulder in the back. The ripper knew what to do, again. Once the shoulder parts were finally sewn in place like meant on the pattern, I tried the dress on.  I noticed that the back parts looked strange because my shoulders like to bend forwards for sewing and reading and knitting. Pick, pick, pick, and I adjusted the straps at the sides, and sewed again.

I added pockets for my phone and keys in the side seams. Now I'm waiting to go to town and buy a zipper for the side seam. After that I only need to iron it, top stitch the bodice and  fold the hem. If the warm days are over, I can wear a T-shirt under the dress. This dress has been on my list for at least three summers; last year I bought the plaid fabric for the bodice and the floral is some years older. Using my stash again!

There are some cherries in the little cherry tree birds have planted in our other yard. I couldn't step close enough to taste if they are ready to be used for a pie or a tiny jar of marmalade.

Today life is getting settled to normal routines again. DH and DS2 both started their work today after spending three weeks at home with me. Le Tour de France is finally over and we don't need to sit several hours in front of the TV every day. I managed to do some knitting during the Tour, but getting back to just one episode of Lewis, Criminal Minds, Doc Martin (reruns) or Foyle's War per day is better for the housekeeping.


  1. Your dress looks perfect for the summer months, and very versatile! Ripping out dress seams is an awful chore but its the one time you really have to get it right, unfortunately! I bet the ripper was happy to have so much work!!

    A cherry tree- imagine! That's great!

    We've had sports issues with the TV here too, so I understand EXACTLY what you mean!!!

  2. It seems your persistance paid off. it's a cute dress - nice and floaty for those hot days. Now go and have a cool drink and put your feet up! :o)

  3. Pretty and comfy looking dress. The heat turns my brain to mush. I don't like to sew clothes but I bought a pattern and some lightweight material for one. What was I thinking? Maybe I'll get it make next year.

  4. Hi Ulla!
    I hate when it's too hot too! I get crabby and cranky and don't want to sew (god forbid!!) Despite that you managed to whip up a VERY pretty dress...looks like it will be cool and comfy!! Enjoy wearing it!

  5. Congrats on the finish of a new dress, I must say that I am ompressed.. It must be lovely to wear a great summer day..
    I am trying to relax and enjoy my summer vacation and I have not much sewing going on. It is important to use every day outside it possible, today I am blogging outside ;-))

  6. What a cool looking dress. Does it really need a zipper?
    It has been HOT here too but thanks to central air conditioning, I hibernate inside and get things done - and I'm thinking of starting a whole lot of new things. The humidity is what I really don't like - I like to breathe.

  7. Your dress is adorable and looks like it will be cool too!

    Its too hot in my sewing room has taken me two weeks to put the border on my batik quilt and its still not finished. I sew for a few minutes and run out to where the air conditioning works better. I am however hand quilting on the frame which is right under an ac vent! :)

  8. Great dress Ulla in spite of the initial easily made mistakes. It was well worth the effort. :-)

    LOL I have a few overdue projects too.

  9. Ulla, the dress is very sweet and simple... but it isn't fun to unpick so many times at all... Hope the weather cools down a bit for you. The cherry tree is gorgeous!

  10. Welch hübsches Sommerkleid, es wäre ideal gewesen hier für den so heissen Juli. Seit zwei Tagen jedoch ist es kühler, ideales Nähwetter. Aber mein Mann hat Ferien und da unternehmen wir gemeinsam jeweils etwas. Nähen muss weiterhin warten ;-) !! Die Kirschensaison ist hier leider schon vorbei!
    Liebe Sommergrüsse,

  11. Hi Ulla, the day lillies are gorgeous - at least they like the heat! I love your dress - such a pretty color and surely will keep you cool! I actually got to cutting out a similar summer top the other day - maybe I'll finish is before Autumn! Glad to hear all is getting back to normal for you!


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