Thursday 1 July 2010

Stash Use Report of June

This has been a busy month with many projects and lots of seams, but I have only used tiny scraps of fabric. The only bigger use was making a hose for our garden shredder, to be used instead of the bag when there is much to shred. It took 1.4 m fabric and 6 m of that packing strap they use around cardboard packings. I used it like hoops in petticoats to help to keep the hose open. The fabric I used was an ugly beige polyester, so there was no use to make a picture!

I made some dolls' clothes for the Unicef dolls, but the outfits are not complete so the pictures will come later. I used maybe 30 cm fabrics in all.

For the three string bags for Stephanie's No Strings Attached challenge I used 1.5 m in all for lining, foundation and top. Here is a better picture of the last bag of my previous post. I'm really satisfied with the result. When I chose strings for the two other bags I noticed the black, white and yellow summer dress fabric strings in the plastic bag with all the others, and knew immediately that they will not be mixed with any other colours. The pale yellow linen was in the same bag, and I took it aside as well. I wanted to use black linen for the top, couldn't find my bit at first and so I had to buy some fabric: 0.5 m black linen. After that I found my hiding linen, so this bag is after all completely from stash.

The stash was reduced by 3.20 m and added by 0.5 m. I don't count the Between Charming Friends quilt in the June report as it was not finished in June. It will be easier to calculate the fabric use when everything is done. This morning I finished the outer borders, the next step will be "quilt as desired". Charming Chatter is hosting this quilt along.

For those of you seeking inspiration for their coming string quilt projects I made a list of links to my blog posts where I showed my 15 string things made during the six months of challenge. The list is on my sidebar below the challenge badge.


  1. You always amaze me at using up what you have. I need to do that more often!!! Great projects--just loving the grommet bag.

  2. Seriously excellent use of polyester stash! Brill to use that plastic packing tape too. So green of you!

    I was looking at a web site recently where they had used odd lengths of hosepipe that had perished to tie from branch to branch to make a roof -a waterproof canvas cloth to hung over it to make a treehouse.

    Your bag is fabulous- must use my grommets soon!

  3. Super schöne ist dein neuer Quilt geworden (und die Tasche natürlich auch). Und ich sehe, dass du ja auch sehr fleissig im Garten bist. Hat dein Tag denn mehr als 24 Stunden, dass du immer so vieles schaffen kannst?? ;-) !! Langsam finde ich auch wieder den Weg zurück an die Nähmaschine, nur haben wir im Moment um die 30°C, so dass ich am liebsten draussen bin :-) !
    Liebe Grüsse,

  4. You have done a wonderful job Ulla..
    Hmm I have a lot to learn from you ;-))

  5. Ops I love your new quilt, the colours are so warm and giving..
    Have fun Ulla.

  6. Great finishes, Ulla. I have yet to try grommets but yours turned out so well. The quilt you did from the stash is beautiful!

  7. Oh, your quilt is just so pretty. And your bag is too. It is a nice gift for Stephanie's giveaway. thanks for coming by my blog.

  8. I am partial to bags
    Absolutely love your b&w&yellow bag

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Beautiful collection of strings projects and I really love your charming chatter quilt along.
    Still waiting my background fabric... :(

  10. Wow, you are getting lots done, and using up your stash too. The bag is lovely, the colours so fresh! Love your charming chatter quilt.


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